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December 01

A Kite Against Warcrafts

A Child’s world is cheerful, colorful, frank and warm-hearted… They are so colorful that they carry on looking at things the same way. But not all of them. In difficult times, such as war, children cannot behave like children. Childhood period become too short for a child who face the war. I saw pictures belong […]

November 28

I don’t want to get angry anybody living here, I wish they liked us

I saw a book which has dark cover page with big white letters and I interested in its headline. The headline is that: “On the Brink of a Lost Generation”. The book was a research about refugees of Syrian children and youth in Turkey by Açık Toplum (Open Society) Foundation. They made field visits lasting […]

October 31

When access to education become luxury

I visited Temporary Education Centers (TECs) to help Save the Children distribute various educational materials for students and teachers. Temporary Education Centers, are schools that were established by Syrians when they began to realise the crisis was becoming protracted. In November 2014, the Turkish Government formalized the TECs and brought them under the Ministry of […]

October 25

Temporary Education Centers for Syrians under Temporary Protection

Save the Children gives a joint effort with the Turkish authorities to convey people their basic human rights who forcefully trying to remain in the country. Because of their special condition, since they are asylum-seekers, youngsters who are at school age need a privileged education, as they couldn’t enroll into Turkish Education System due to language barriers.

October 05

I left Istanbul behind for the children of the war

I left behind my city, Istanbul and my job 15 days ago. I have been working at GSK Turkey as Senior Corporate Communications Specialist for the past 5 years. While I enjoy my job I felt I needed to do something for the children affected by the Syrian crisis who I read about every day […]