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August 28

What do you do?

Two months into my assignment with Stop Hunger Now and I am settled into my role with the organization and have seen multiple programs across multiple states and interacted with a lot of the individuals working diligently to achieve the organization’s goal of starting a movement to end hunger in our lifetime.  What passion and […]

July 17

Trying It Out – Part 1

I am a few weeks into my assignment at Stop Hunger Now (SHN) and have visited the local warehouse here in Raleigh and attended a meal packaging event held by a local company in Morrisville.  It was such a great experience to interact with the Raleigh SHN program staff all of whom clearly live the […]

July 02

Twenty Nine Cents

I am four days into my PULSE assignment at Stop Hunger Now and already my perspective of goods, services and cost is changing.  Being a Certified Public Accountant here in North Carolina and having worked in a big public accounting firm, I am accustomed to rounding off numbers in financial information.  We often rounded to […]

June 29

Thinking of you Mam-Maw!

Mam-Maw, as we affectionately called my grandmother, was as many grandmothers, a feeder.  She always wanted to feed me, my brother and cousin something.  Whether it be the lunch or dinner of southern classics like pinto beans, black-eyed peas, creamed corn or greens, or the treat of banana pudding or coconut cake, she wanted to […]