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December 20

Reaching Every Last Child with Immunisation

Its one of the key drivers in child health programmes within Save the Children, and I have just had the great privilege of seeing what that means ‘on the ground’ in Shomolu District, Lagos Nigeria. Save the Children is involved in the Stop Diarrhoea Initiative (SDI) in Nigeria. The under-five mortality rate in Nigeria is […]

December 16

Lagos Calling – the Nigeria Experience

Delays to my project startup have given me a great opportunity to experience a very different Africa from the dry, sparsely populated terrain of Eastern Ethiopia originally planned. Instead, I had the opportunity to go to Lagos in Nigeria, a teeming, hot and humid city of 21 million (or 11 million, depending on who you […]

July 30

From acronyms to nomads

WHO RED EPI? No,  its not a misspelling,  questioning who has read the latest best seller; these are just some of the myriad of acronyms which have surfaced daily during the last month as I have started on the exciting journey which is my PULSE assignment with Save the Children. Acronyms are used freely within […]

June 19

PULSE – Heart Beating with a Purpose

PULSE application – success! PULSE questionnaires – success!; PULSE interview – success!; I’m accepted! Assignment matched – Save the Children ; Interview with Save the Children – success! ; PULSE, ADP, Resilience training – done; Blog account setup – done;  Senior mentor introduction – done; Links with GSK Vaccines initiated – done; Job Plus Coaching session – done; Strategy […]