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December 02

BMore Gives More Be a part of BMore Gives More and help make Baltimore the most generous city in America on this year’s Giving Tuesday!! I have just returned from Ghana in Western Africa working with Jhpiego for 7 months, based local, in Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland!  My experience in Ghana was a life changing event and […]

November 01

What have you done to make you feel proud?

Ever since yesterday, I have had a song stuck in my head: What have you done today to make you feel proud? It’s never too late to try What have you done today to make you feel proud? You could be so many people If you make that break for freedom What have you done […]

June 27

It’s a Small World

All of the 2013 volunteers are writing about the start of their PULSE journey, as I am preparing to embark on my journey back home.  The best part of the PULSE experience has been the people.  I have met so many people from all over the world, relocated to Ghana for some reason or another.  […]

May 08

The Oil City Clip from BBC news today on Takoradi, my home for the last 4 months and location of my PULSE assignment with Jhpiego.  I thought it was a pretty good synopsis of the Oil City.  Truthfully not a bad place to call home!  I have been loving my experience here!

April 25

Dedication to Reduce the Burden of Malaria

Today is World Malaria Day!! Did you know: There are approximately 247 million cases of malaria every year?? There are nearly 800,000 deaths related to malaria every year?? That 90% of these cases occur in Africa?? That pregnant women and their newborn children are particularly vulnerable to malaria?? That 85% of all deaths from malaria […]

April 25

World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day What are you doing to celebrate World Malaria Day?? I am celebrating the day with Jhpiego by continuing to facilitate a week long training for the nurses of Ghana Health Services.  Part of the training is meant to ensure that the nurses have the proper knowledge and skills to identify and treat […]

Appreciate the Journey

Packing up and moving to a different town and starting a new job can seem quite intimidating.  Now imagine a new job in a new country….. On a different continent…. even scarier, right?!  In just over three months, I have built a new personal and professional network that makes the journey no longer frightening, but […]

Process Improvement Ghana Style

A lot of people have asked me what I am doing in Ghana? What is my job and why am I here….. This week I was actually able to answer that question….. I am here with the Jhpiego team in order to help people in remote areas access healthcare. Up until now, everything was on […]


People use the term Akwaaba, for You’re Welcome, here in Ghana!  Though I used to think, well, I didn’t say thank you so why are they telling me I am welcome….. until I realized, it is actually a sincere term for…. You are welcome to my home, You are welcome to my town, You are […]

The Center of the World

Originally posted on Following the PULSE of change:
In one month’s time I am going to center of the world….. how cool is that?!  Ghana is apparently referred to as the center of the world.  I just found this out after a neighbor suggested that the Eastern Hemisphere better look out with my arrival to…

It’s Ghana be okay

Originally posted on Following the PULSE of change:
My PULSE alumni buddy, Michelle, recently sent me an email with the subject: It’s Ghana be okay I obviously had to steal that for my blog title, but I totally want to give her credit for the clever quip. So, why did I need this encouraging statement…

You only live once

Originally posted on Following the PULSE of change:
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~Mae West~ It was recently pointed out to me that I have lived a pretty amazing life.  It is not that I did not recognize this, but I guess, it took someone from the…


So, the application process for PULSE started back in January.  I had to write more than a couple of application essays along with a two hour online application as well as submitting my resume.  I really wanted to get into the program, but when I hit the “Submit” button to turn in the final draft […]