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November 26

Nearly the end

Well, with under 3 weeks to go I’m starting to feel a little sad. Last week I completed my task of identifying researchers to form a Medical Advisory Group and presented it to people in DSI and the DSA. Everyone was very happy with the culmination of my effort and I’m now busy transferring information […]

October 08

Autumn in the UK

Sorry, it’s been a while since my last blog post (multiple people have been reminding me, oops!). My only defence is, I’ve been distracted by meeting the other people in DSi. I did promise you pictures, so this is Normansfield in Teddington. As well as being a combination of private apartments and the UK headquarters of […]

July 28

I never thought I’d be bothered by the use of an apostrophe.

The scientific community has always had a problem standardising terms. From multiple aliases for proteins, to the spelling of sulphur (personal note: I will never spell sulphur with an f!). Historically the naming of Down syndrome was a contentious issue. In 1965, when the World Health Organisation was trying to come to an agreement on […]

July 11

If you need me I’ll be under a big pile of scientific papers.

So, I’m a month in and I’ve only just worked up to writing my first blog. Writing does not come naturally to me, so I knew the journaling and blogging aspects of a PULSE assignment were going to be tough. People say everyone has a novel in them… well that’s all very well, but mine […]