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August 29


Pride takes many forms.  If taken too far pride can become more of a sin.  If not taken far enough you may not move forward in many areas.  When it comes to my projects and work here we work with key populations.  Those populations are MSM (men seeking sex with men), FSW (female sex workers), […]

August 19


Resiliency (noun): able to recover quickly; able to return to original form after being bent, compressed or stretched out of shape. A human ability to recover quickly from disruptive change without being overwhelmed or acting in dysfunctional or harmful ways. Now that is a definition!  The last couple weeks I have been thinking about resiliency. […]

August 12


I am a former gymnast.  And I do stress the word former.  I also coached gymnastics for 20 years at a very high level.  I always say if you can teach young kids in sports you can do just about anything.  Being a former gymnast I am quite flexible and I do a lot of […]

August 03


Where I am from, Louisville, Kentucky, I am not a minority. I have minority friends. I have a minority partner.  But in the end I am not a minority.  People say that they understand and have empathy with minorities, but when you actually talk to them about this you realize you really do not understand. […]

July 29


Patriotism really does encompass a lot.  As an American, patriotism can boil over to obscene levels sometimes.  As an American coming to a foreign land, aka Vietnam, I have observed different variations of it.  I will attempt to explain and I am sure I will go off on a tangent or two 🙂 When we […]

July 20

Those are Not the Right Shoes

One of the philosophies we are taught during Pulse Orientation is that we should work hard but also play hard in our down time. Some of us are in foreign lands and should take the opportunity to enjoy that.  I had the pleasure of going to Sapa, Vietnam this weekend with two other GSK Pulse […]

July 12


When going through the process of becoming a Pulse Volunteer, I believe that most were focused on location.  That is natural.  It could be so different from home that it causes the most anxiety.  Next was the organization we would be supporting.  I am betting that most were not concerned about the actual assignments until […]

July 04


It is very natural when you are thrust into a foreign land to do comparisons and be naturally bias in those comparisons.  So for me to say America is better in this or that I feel is very natural.  For instance I never thought I would miss stop signs and “no U-Turn” signs.  Or that […]

June 30

Ahoy Hanoi

Well I am here.  I have had to spend about 24 hours sleeping because of being sick…but I am here.  There is a lot to adjust to.  I never realized how much my sense of smell would dictate what I can and cannot do.  I guess we become desensitized to smells from home as we […]

June 22


So all the usual suspects are there:  excitement, anxiety, focus and gratitude.  All the major stuff is done.  Flight.  Check.  Hotel.  Check.  Visa.  Check.  Vaccines. Check.  So in this crunch time it is all the small stuff! Do you want to know the hardest thing so far?  My mail!  No really. So leaving for six […]

May 17

The Sims

To set the scene let us look a little bit into my upbringing.  I was the in-between generation.  The one where we had a computer lab in high school, but  you only used it once a week.  We did not grow up with cell phones.  I did not have call waiting nor cable.  So fast […]

May 05


So lots of little (and big) things to get done.  Today I had an appointment with a travel doctor about vaccinations and medications to take to Viet Nam.  I actually was going to cancel the appointment because based on research, I had all the required vaccinations.  But to be safe I went.  The doc and […]

May 02

Welcome to My Village

Dear colleagues and friends,   If you are receiving this email, it means that, we have worked together in various parts of my life.  I would like to take you on my Pulse Journey!  I anticipate this will be life-changing, challenging, fun and humorous (if you know me very well you will know I laugh […]

April 28

Ready or Not

So just finished PULSE 2016 Orientation.  There is a lot to take in and process.  Since getting accepted, matched and confirmed, there has been an onslaught of emotions. The best way to describe is “Magenta”.  One of my favorite TV shows is The Golden Girls.  In an episode Blanche Devereaux says she has all these […]