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May 03


Sorry for the delay on my last blog for my Pulse assignment.  It has been a true whirlwind.  I had 5 days upon my return to pack up my house in Dallas, TX and move to Raleigh, North Carolina for my new job!  The day I moved is the day I started and it has […]

December 19


My last week at Path is here.  As this bittersweet moments starts and the holidays hit, it is vital to take inventory.  Inventory of my accomplishments, feelings, check lists, areas of improvement and learnings. I will say that I believe I had the model Pulse assignment.  I had a NGO that is well organized, passionate […]

December 13


There are not many opportunities in life to do things differently.  Habits are hard to break.  Time always seems like an enemy.  We get into our patterns and routines and believe that complacency is happiness.  Trust me I do love a nice routine.  It makes me comfortable.  It is easier. Less tiring. Being accepted into […]

December 06

The Bad and The Ugly

Most of my posts I believe highlight what a great place Vietnam is.  But with all good things there are bad and even ugly things.  I believe that silence is a form of permission.  I will warn you upfront that there are some images that may disturb you. The intent is to disturb so we […]

November 30

Bucket List

I have never created a bucket list.  At least not officially.  I make lists of many things. I do this on sticky notes and note pads. I check things off when I am done.  But a bucket list is nothing I have officially put on a sticky note.  I have always had this yearning to […]

November 23

Expat Paradox

Expatriate or more commonly known as “expat”.  There are people that temporarily or permanently reside in a foreign country that is other than their citizenship.  Most large cities have communities where expats live. This phenomenon has gotten me thinking about why do expats gather together in areas. Living in America we would not call them […]

November 16


“Oh don’t go there it is too touristy!” I am told this a lot by many people.  That includes locals and foreigners.  So I have been assessing what this means.  What is “touristy”?  I naturally think Disney World…long lines…cattle calls…themed gifts and souvenirs. When people say this there tends to be this disdain look on […]

November 08


In my work we work with several key populations;  MSM (gay), TG (transgender), FSW (female sex workers), PWID (people who inject drugs) and their clients/partners.  In my blogs we have discussed MSM, TG and FSW.  I thought we can explore the PWID community for a bit.  This is not something I was very familiar with. […]

November 01


There is a motto I live by: “Immaturity comes with inexperience”.  In this context immaturity just means lack of experience.  We tend to use negative connotations when it comes to that word.   Prior to coming here I was immature in many aspects.  But the more experiences I have the more “mature” I become.  The […]

October 26

Texture Issues

When I look back on my life I really do feel sorry for my mom in some ways.  The biggest one is my texture issues with food.  To say I am finicky is a bit of understatement.  Mind you not to tastes of foods but the texture and consistency of them.  My mom basically said […]

October 17

The Tale of 3 Boxes

In Pulse assignments you are always thrown curve balls.  I have been told this by the Pulse team and former volunteers.  Anticipate the unexpected. This is very true.  I have had several unexpected experiences and work experiences.  All are teaching moments and I try to embrace each and everyone. So coming here I knew my […]

October 11


In many circles it is said that respect is earned not given.  I have kind of always agreed with that.  But at the same time where does respect intersect with kindness, compassion and judgement?  Do we respect people that only share our values, morals or outlook on life?  Or do we respect those that live […]

September 22

That Was Not on the Website

So last weekend I took the opportunity to go trekking and caving in Central Vietnam.  Another volunteer, Mohamed, went with me.  Vietnam is well known for having the world’s largest cave: Son Doong.  It has becoming a hotbed for caving enthusiast and the general person that wants a bit of adventure.  I would be the […]

September 14


So when you start a Pulse assignment you are given a scope of work (SOW).  It is not the most detailed thing ever.  It is very top line with a general overview of what the NGO would like you to accomplish in your six months.  All the past Pulse volunteers spoke that it will change, […]

September 04


I love massages.  I won’t deny it nor act like I do not.  If I could hire a personal masseuse to follow me around I would.  However I do not make that A-List celebrity money.  I will consider this for my next PDP😁  So what does this have to do with dignity you ask?  I […]