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Originally posted on Seeking A Pulse:
Progress would often be impossible if not for collaboration.     Be it in the home between parents wrangling their kids through the day, within a business by way of cross-functional teams, or across borders in government relations, NGOs and beyond.   Of course this is an overly simplistic snapshot on what…

Originally posted on Seeking A Pulse:
In preparation for my six month volunteer assignment here at Canadian Cancer Society, I attended an orientation session where I was able to spend two days with 10 others from US and CA embarking on their own ‘journeys’.   I wouldn’t be travelling far, however some of my colleagues were…

Be the Change

As a transitive verb, Merriam-Webster has 7 varying definitions for the word change; covering everything from ‘to put fresh clothes’ to ‘to make radically different’.   As I wrap up my first week at the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), I take comfort in knowing that change is this dynamic, as that is exactly what I’ve experienced […]