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November 27

Time is marching on

  It’s been quite a while since my last blog entry and many great things have been going here at Hospice.  The new building has been officially opened and funds have been raised though sporting events including the Bucharest International Marathon and the Bucharest Sky Run.  It’s been amazing to have been involved in these […]

August 20

(N)ice messages from home

  As I’m sure others on the PULSE program agree, you really can’t over emphisaize how much of an encouragement it is to receive a message form home.  Whether it’s from family, friends or colleagues getting in touch through email, skype, facebook or blog comments – it all makes a huge difference.  Each message is […]

August 08

Stairway to heaven

There are a few upcoming fundraising events taking place here in Bucharest to help Hospice achieve their fundraising target for the new building project.  I was keen to get involved with one of these and found out what was available.       The London Community Gospel Choir are in town 19th September to perform […]

July 25

Home from home

Chillers, Boilers and Plant rooms.  All familiar territory back in my job role at GSK.  On a slightly smaller scale, the new Hospice has similar systems to provide air conditioning, central heating and hot water for the whole building.   The commissioning of these systems started this week and it was interesting to see how […]

July 14

The adventure begins…

  Three full working weeks have passed by since I arrived here in Bucharest to begin my PULSE assignment with Hospices of Hope.  This blog post is well overdue, so much has been going on during my time here in Romania so far.  A short novel could possibly be written to cover everything that has […]

June 12

T-minus one week till kick off!

  I know the FIFA world cup kicked off today but I’m talking about my PULSE assignment. I have been placed with Hospices of Hope and will be based in Bucharest Romania for six months. I’ll be flying out to join with them 19th June. Hospices of Hope are the leading palliative care charity in […]