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December 20

Wrapping up

It’s the last day on my GSK Pulse Assignment and PATH’s low cost, low resource human milk pasteurization product, FoneAstra, is tantalizingly close to launching, with only a few final actions to be closed out by the manufacturer first.  To help facilitate this I went to Cape Town, South Africa, to visit the manufacturer Skeg […]

October 07


Seattle is a good place to be in the summer especially if you like being outdoors.  The temperature is bearable, a high of 32 °C and next to no rain, pretty similar to the UK. But in the last three weeks it has turned from being summer to autumn and the temperature is now in […]

July 26

Settling in Seattle

It’s been a month since my first blog and I have had several adventures already.  Firstly, my visa application with the US Embassy took an age to come through, but with the support of GSK assigned attorneys and PATH, my Seattle NGO, we navigated the process and got the all important stamp in the end. […]

May 24

The Journey Begins ….

Actually the journey began four months ago, back in January, when the Pulse1 email came out saying ‘The application deadline is nearly here!’. Did you know the origin of the term ‘deadline’ is from prison parlance? It’s a line on the floor a few meters away from the wall or fence and if you cross […]