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December 16

Soon the end of my mission in DRC

I cannot believe that I‘m almost at the end of my PULSE mission. Looking at my calendar yesterday, I realized that I will leave the DRC next week … I’m starting to think about things that I will miss … but also things that I will not miss 😉 ! I finish my mission on a very positive experience in […]

December 11

It’s all about cultural differences and adaptation : How to deal with timekeeping in Africa?

Something very funny to share with you today! We are currently doing a workshop on the testing of our tool to monitor the national program of vaccination in Kananga (Province of Kasai Occidental). Before to organize this workshop, I wanted to test a way to perform an After Action Review, a tool intended to collect […]

December 10

PULSE sharing experience in DRC with UNICEF – French Audio PowerPoint

Hi all, here is a French Audio Power Point about how I lived my experience of PULSE Volunteer in DRC with UNICEF. Sorry in advance for those who does not speak French … but a newsletter in French and English will be posted soon and it will be also about sharing my all experience as PULSE Volunteer. Hope you […]

December 05

Perseverance is mother of virtues

After difficult beginnings of our project at Lubumbashi, our tool to monitor the Congolese vaccination program begins to take shape. Our workshop at Mbuji-Mayi has ended in a very positive dynamic. Our salvation was to work with local partners very involved, motivated and professional! So far, I did not perceived many motivations and implications in general but thanks to this successful workshop, […]

How I used the GSK ADP during my PULSE Assignment ?

Hi all ! Here is a story board power point that I have done in order to document and illustrate concretely the use of GSK ADP during my PULSE assignment: Story board_ADP practices_PULSE -5 The first part is in English (how I used these tools during my assignment) and the second part is in French and about my thoughts […]

August 13

How it may be difficult to collect data in the bush ….

Three weeks after my return from Kongolo, I wanted to share with you some videos on YouTube to give you a very concrete idea of ​​the difficulties that may be encountered in the data collection in the bush (and I admit that it ‘is a bit for me Ithat I do it because I’m already […]

August 08

Use of SWOT analysis in the field of vaccination

Hi PULSE Volunteers and GSK colleagues! I’m currently designing a tool which is intended for the monitoring of performance of the national plan for vaccination in DRC. Good to see that SWOT analyses may be is used here as a strategic tool in order to define strategic orientations for vaccination. In the same spirit than the […]

August 08

How to use the 5 Why Approach ? A concrete example in the domain of child and maternal health.

Hi Pulse Volunteers and GSK colleagues! During our PULSE training in London, we discussed about the utility to use the 5 Why Approach in order to identify the root cause of a problem. During my mission in Kongolo, I have found that UNICEF and its governmental partners employ this approach during their monitoring and evaluation (M&E) […]

July 04

First days out of Lubumbashi !

I’m well arrived at Kalemie, after flying in small aircrafts (18-30 persons maximum) and a stop at Kamina to change for aircraft. Very exciting experience to travelling in this very huge country. I flew during nearly 2h30 … and this was only to reach the north of Katanga ! DRC is equivalent to 4 times […]

June 30

I have found an unexpected roommate !

Hi all! Beautiful bank holiday to celebrate the independence of the DRC. So just for fun, let me introduce you my new roommate …. Plumpy ! Plumpy is green (no !!! she is not an alien), silent and very polite ! Very hard to find private accommodation at Lubumbashi but so easy to find unexpected […]

June 28

Feeling Like Home !

Second week with UNICEF and I feel to be here for a long time ! I feel well integrated in my new team and comfortable in my daily life despite all the precautions to be taken due to the very volatile security situation in the country. Monday I have helped two of my colleagues for […]

June 22

First week among UNICEF staff !

Great feeling of satisfaction after my first integration week within UNICEF’ team 🙂 ! I had several face to face discussions with my new colleagues to better understand their organisation, their scope of activities and challenges especially in terms of monitoring and evaluation of programs. I’m really impressed by their organization and ways of working […]

About me and my PULSE Assignment …

About me Doctor in Public Health, I’m Health Economics and Outcomes Research Project Manager at GSK France. I set up strategic plans for the data generation, design and coordinate epidemiologic and economic studies and make these data available for the market access of Oncology products and for the scientific community through publications and congress communications. […]

June 17

PULSE Training Orientation

One of the starting points of the PULSE adventure was the 3 Days Orientation Training in London (2014, 30th April to 1st May). The training was based on very interactive sessions firstly oriented on how to identify and diagnose key problems to get a better understanding of the situation and on how to solve problems […]

June 16

Welcome on my page !

Hi ! My name is Laure Benjamin and I live in France. I work for GSK, currently serving as a PULSE Volunteer with UNICEF as Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant for 6 months full-time from June to December 2014 in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). I work alongside UNICEF to evaluate and analyze performances of the […]