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December 11

Goodbye Uganda…Hello England! #becsoneill

I’ve been putting off writing this blog for a while because I was really stuck on finding how to find the words to say goodbye to Uganda and wrap up the unbelievable experience I have had over the past 6 months. Even though I spent my last several days in Africa lazing and relaxing doing […]

November 17

50 things I will miss about Uganda #becsoneill

I was driving back from Murchison Falls (for a second time) yesterday and had an overwhelming sad feeling. It was the first time it has really hit me that in under 3 weeks time I’m actually not going to be here anymore! Although I’m now really excited about getting home to see my friends, family and […]

November 04

T.I.A! #becsoneill

I remember being sat in Benugos in GSK House a week before I came on my assignment with Pazza ( a lovely friend of mine) and he said, “Remember… T.I.A”- I had no idea what he was on about. “T.I.A” is common acronym for this part of the world that basically sums up the past few […]

October 21

An eventful 3 weeks to say the least….. #becsoneill

The past 3 weeks have been super action packed…Running, donating, game driving, boxing, rafting, jumping….and stealing! (working too obviously J) I now have only just over 6 weeks left here at CHAI and in Uganda so I’m really trying to pack everything in and make the most of every minute I have left. Let’s start […]

September 30

Making progress! #becsoneill

How is it October tomorrow already..???? Seriously.. I can not believe how quickly it is going! I figured 4 months in to my time here would be as good of a time as any for a good old reflection so I’m sat here on my balcony, drinking my cuppa and eating my Special K- oats […]

September 17

On the uphill from the pit on the “change curve” #becsoneill

“The change curve I hear you say?? ” For those who work within the corporate world you have undoubtedly heard of this cycle they tell you about. It tends to happen during a time when you go through through a period of big change or disruption. This experience is definitely the first time it has […]

August 17

From one extreme to another #becsoneill

From happy to sad,excited to deflated, proud to guilty, poverty to luxury, frivolous to frugal, tired to energised, overwhelmed to disappointed and helpful to helplessness. These are the whirlwind of emotions and experiences that I have gone through over the past few weeks. It started with my first visitor from home; Barney 🙂 Obviously I […]

July 28

Pick your feet up!!#becsoneill

So for a number of years Jessy (my bessie at home ) has been saying… “Pick your feet up woman!!” I seriously need to listen to this advice out here. The roads in Uganda are not O’Neill proof.. Pot holes galore and rocks protruding from nowhere= accident number 2, 3rd pair of torn leggings and […]

Tummy bug number 1 #becsoneill

Feeling very sorry for myself right now.. 24 hours in bed, without food and multiple trips to the toilet.. These are definitely the times you want to be at home and not 4000 miles away.. Come on antibiotics .. Kick in now please.

July 06

Manic but amazing week.. Mbale field visit and running to Jinja! #becsoneill

Where to start.. It’s been a hectic week at work but definitely feel as though I’ve turned a corner in understanding the Ugandan distribution market and where hopefully I can make an impact. The week started from getting picked up at 7am on Monday morning and travelling through the early morning Kampala traffic with the […]

June 28

Not a bad way to start the weekend :) #becsoneill

Who knew Uganda had hidden gems like this…..sat here lazing in my hammock thinking how lucky I am 🙂

June 23

This is what happens when you join a running club in Africa!#becsoneill

! Wobble over…! I’m over it for now. I joined a running club tonight which was just amazing… We went off the beaten tracks through the villages which I would just never experience anywhere else. In a silly attempt to keep up with the ridiculous pace and avoid potholes, goats and cows I hit a […]

June 22

Wobble o’clock

Sat here on a lazy Sunday afternoon feeling tired and entering my first dip I think.. Home now feels really far away 😦 work is worrying me a lot and I now feel even more uncertain about the value I can add than I did when I first got here… I’m sure I’m just being […]

June 16

Jaw-dropping field visits, matoke, Rolex and power cuts! #becsoneill

I can’t believe I’ve finished my 2nd week.. It’s weird because I feel like I’ve been here way longer but it’s gone super quickly as well.. 6 months are going to whizz by! I’ve had a cracking week 2.. Felt a turning point at work and starting to feel like things are starting to click […]

June 10

From embracing religion to chimp tracking! #becsoneill

      Week 1- Done! Last time I blogged I was popping out to watch a Ugandan production of Grease, which is safe to say was pretty cringe worthy. In fairness the Ugandan actors did it justice, it was more the ex-pats who were doing this as an add on hobby that were having […]