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How my daughter mentored me.

When my youngest daughter graduated from college she got a job working for an environmental consultant company.  Her job description included testing storm water from industries around the state of Connecticut.  She is also responsible for lecturing to companies and cities in Connecticut about storm water management.  As you can imagine my wife and I […]

Changes are Inevitable

Over the last 3 months on my Pulse assignment there have been some changes.  Two notable examples include the planned move of GlaxoSmithKline from center city to the navy yard in Philadelphia.  The other change involves my Pulse assignment.  Since I have been at GreenTreks Networks, I have worked on 5-6 projects. I have worked […]

I Finished my 3rd week

I am three weeks into my Pulse project.  I am surprised how fast time flies working in a non-profit office setting.  After 35 years of driving to work every day and living with windshield time.  I thought things moved quicker in the non-profit world.  I have had to learn how to pace myself. I also […]


As I read the blogs that my pulse teammates write it occurs to me what a great opportunity we have to help others and learn new skills. The interesting goals may not have presented themselves prior to the pulse partnership.  I used some of my vacation like others to catch up on things around the […]