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October 11

Moving Forward With A Broken Heart….

This entry was intended to be a light-hearted look at my recent experiences at the Hanoi Pride Event, comparing and contrasting with my attendance at several Las Vegas Prides. I promise I will cover that, but my heavy heart won’t allow me to write that piece in light of events that took place in my […]

July 21

You’ll Never Be Lonely In Vietnam….

Those were the words of a lovely young woman that struck up a conversation with me in an amazing French bakery called Saint-Honore in the trendy, expat section of Hanoi called West Lake.  Finding delightful baked goods anywhere in the world is one of my not so hidden talents!  Vietnamese cuisine is delicious and fresh […]

June 27

And so it begins…..

The butterflies are beginning to dissipate.  The feelings of anxiety and doubt are gradually being replaced by unbridled excitement and anticipation!  I am boarding a flight to LA to Tokyo to Hanoi in about 36 hours!  Total flight time is around 25 hours! I have many books and movies downloaded to help me pass the time, […]