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P&P in Rwanda :)

This will be a short post about expectations, assumptions and surprises. 🙂 One day in June, just before my departure for Pulse, Petra said she would visit me in Rwanda. At first I thought it is one of those things people say when somebody is going away for some time. Therefore, honestly speaking I didn’t […]


SCH, MP and DHL already know the below story but I would like to share it with all of you. Just before I left for my Pulse assignment European SCH raised some money and… books for children in Rwanda (e.g. world atlas, novels for younger and older, short stories written by kids from one London’s […]

October 09

The rains down in Africa ;)

Today I’ve been wondering if I’m back in London already? 😉 Why? Well, watch this short video: It was raining like this (and heavier) for an hour! Ps. Petra & Paula, bring umbrellas with you! 😉 And here is a sample of a… September rain:

September 08

Silence means consent

This week I spent 3 days outside Kigali. No, not a holiday 😉 I attended a workshop which aim was to develop National Pharmaceutical supply chain strategic plan. Unfortunately due to other priorities I could not attend all sessions but being there for 3 out 5 days for someone who was not even officially invited […]

August 11

Safari at Akagera


August 08

Muzungu! Good morning! ;)

Hello! How are you all? Working hard or enjoying the Summer? Or working hard AND enjoying the Summer? 😉 Here it’s been pretty busy as some new emergencies occurred… Other things are slowly progressing, e.g. few reports are “under construction” but the challenging bit here is the data… Multiple pack descriptions, multiple pack sizes, product […]

July 24


Hello, Some of you have asked me about Kigali.  If you are still interested in “my city”, please check what BBC has published today: The funny thing is that I’m in Kigali and can’t watch this video… The Internet connection is really bad these days… Therefore, big favor to you: once you have watched […]

July 19

Food for thought ;)

Unbelievable! Forth week completed! Or maybe not, I’m on African time now, somehow it’s slower but faster… Confusing? Yes I know, all done on purpose 😉 But let’s get back to European standards. Four weeks have passed and you are probably wondering what actually I am doing here? That is a very good question. As […]

July 07

An elephant never forgets…

A visit to Kigali Memorial Center. Calling the world. Apparently the line was busy… An elephant never forgets… Let’s hope today everybody has a memory like an elephant…

July 03


Yes, that’s a word in Kinyarwanda! Anyone would like to guess what it means? Let me help you by saying that more common version is: “mwaramutse “. Does it ring a bell now? Still nothing? Well, don’t worry, it’s ok to be umuzungu and we have 6 months to learn 😉 First of all, thank […]

May 28

A thousand hills

Hello! If you are reading this post, it means that my PULSE assignment has been confirmed! I’m extremely excited and to be honest… it’s really hard to find the right words to define feelings, hopes and expectations. Maybe that’s part of the challenge? 😉 Somehow I still can’t believe this is happening! Therefore I would […]