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December 07

A wizard and an expert!

Wow I have less than a week until I say goodbye to my temporary life in Nigeria. It has been such an incredible experience (not without its challenges and frustrations!) and on the whole it has whizzed past. Being honest there have been weeks when I have felt so far away from the UK and […]

November 13

Home away from home

We laugh about GSK being like an extended family but two weeks ago the GSK family in Nigeria really rolled out the red carpet for the PULSE volunteers. This was actually a continuation of support from the in-country team: before we left our home countries the Managing Director for Nigeria (Lekan Asuni) hosted a call […]

October 12

Back and in the thick of it

We were warned that during our assignment it would at times feel like a rollercoaster; where low moments would be matched with highs. As I have previously shared I was disappointed when I was unable to join my team’s 2 week trip to the field in July. Then coming back from my week home in […]

September 08

Circle of Life

As promised I would like to share some of the stories my colleagues have come back with from their field trip. To be clear, the following comments are my opinions/interpretations and are not a reflection of CHAI or GSK. The most exciting story was that two of my young colleagues helped with a delivery, both […]

August 12

Expect hills and sweat when running in Abuja

I know running is not for everyone, but I have always loved it. I have found that running in new city is a great way to ‘reccy’ a place and get your bearings. Before I left England I heard there was a running club in Abuja, having just come off the back of running my […]

July 27

Quirks of living in Nigeria

One month in and I and the other volunteers are beginning to acclimatise to some of the ‘quirks’ of living in Nigeria. Before they become the ‘norm’ I thought I’d share a few with you. Questionable Electrics: I am no electrician but I know that wiring a hair dryer straight into the plug so close […]

July 14

Somewhere to live … tick!

Two weeks into my assignment and things are starting to stabilise which is a nice feeling. After a lot of searching and support from local estate agents and CHAI (HR staff, Security staff etc), 4 of us from GSK moved into 2 two bedroom apartments. After 2 weeks in 3 different apartments it was a […]

July 03

Same Same But different

“Same Same But different”, a saying many will recognise if you have travelled to Thailand. I had my first ‘same same but different’ realisation on day 2 with CHAI, when arriving at the Federal Ministry of Health. My manager and I crammed into the already overpacked lift on the ground floor. Next thing I notice […]

June 27

Safely In Loco

The Ground rush is complete and the fast approaching departure has come and gone equally as fast.   I had a very special last week in UK; a super fun leaving drinks with all my closest friends there to toast my send off, then up to Edinburgh with my parents and boyfriend for my brothers […]

June 15

Ground Rush

“Ground rush” … the PULSE equivalent! When talking to my mum about getting ready for PULSE she coined this phrase and I find myself using it over and over again when people ask me how preparations are going. “Ground Rush” – a term used by Skydivers which describes the thrill during the last 500ft of […]