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October 09

2184 Hours Later

My 3 months at LCD has lapsed and I have returned to Cincinnati, Ohio with so many great memories.  The assignment truly challenged my thinking and allowed me to create, lead, analyze, collaborate and deliver.  Being able to serve in this manner was an amazing opportunity.  Human capital will always be and remain the best resource […]

September 08


Slyvia Slyvia was referred to LCD by a local cancer center.  Slyvia was recently taken off of her medical assistance because she was over income by nine dollars.  She was facing a diagnosis of multiple myeloma with a high likelihood of stem cell transplantation.  Her diagnosis was quite severe and life threatening.  LCD contacted Slyvia’s County […]

August 26

Six dollars and some change

The city of Philadelphia is filled with so much diversity and life.  The picture of the mural in this post is titled “Reach High and You Will Go Far”. On my morning walks, I can’t help but to feel inspired when I pass 20th and Arch Street .  Despite of circumstances, human aspirations rooted in determination and discipline prevails!!! I have a story to […]

July 30

This is what I know to be true

56.7 million people in the US have some form of a physical disability. That is basically 1 in 5 Americans. The statistics also state that patients living with disabilities median monthly income is approximately $1,961 Who advocates for this population? This is where the Legal Clinic for the Disabled steps in to address unmet legal challenges. […]

July 09


In life, we may not always have the exact answers to when or why, but many times we have to trust that inner voice that is speaking to each of us. Like many of my fellow PULSE colleagues, something was placed in my heart to want to serve at another level.  Have you experienced similar […]