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January 20

Last day!

The last few weeks of my assignment went in a flash. The survey data was analysed and meetings in place ready to present the findings. The heat is on. My first presentation was to the City Health Department in Caloocan City. The dreaded microphone was back…..         The findings generated energetic discussions particularly in areas where gaps […]

December 23

“Let’s go!”

I was relieved and happy the survey design was completed and now excited to get going! I arrived at the LVPO office at 7am to do some last minute prep. I’d be accompanying the team in the field who were conducting a series of Kabalikat Orientation and Usapang Buntis (Safe Motherhood) sessions. Once all the […]

December 01

The Birth Plan

In 2006, the WHO set out Standards for Maternal and Neonatal Care which is as follows: All pregnant women should have a written plan for birth and for dealing with unexpected adverse events, such as complications or emergencies, that may occur during pregnancy, childbirth or the immediate postnatal period, and should discuss and review this […]

November 26

Barangay bingo, a beauty pageant and microphobia

My next stop was at a 2 day project launch and planning workshop for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and Nutrition (MNCHN) program in Quezon City, the largest and most populous in Metro Manila and home to Save’s Luzon- Visayas Program Office (LVPO).   This was to launch the 4th year of this program to […]

November 06

What a week! Day 6 Episode 7

The last day of this field visit began in Alabel, Sarangani at the Municipal Health Office. This was a courtesy call to introduce and discuss the Maternal Health & Nutrition program with Municipal Mayor, Hon Corazon Grafilo, followed by courtesy calls and meetings with the Provincial and Municipal Health Officers.   The Alabel birthing home […]

October 12

Lake Sebu – Land of the Dreamweavers – a flying visit – Day 4 Episode 6

Day 4 is Saturday and an unexpected change in our schedule meant a field visit of a different kind to Lake Sebu. There are 3 main lakes, the biggest of which is Lake Sebu, a beautiful inland sea in the southern Tiruray highlands, surrounded by rolling green hills and forested mountains. As well as a […]

September 19

A fisher folk’s tale – Day 3 Episode 5

In the afternoon we visited a fishing community to find out what their health needs are. The fisher folk are among the most marginalized in the Philippines and are very poor. Fishing is their main source of income but during the typhoon season, it is too dangerous to fish.   This community is a smaller […]

September 07

An unexpected delivery – Day 3 Episode 4

This morning we set off at 6am for Maitum, the smallest and a second class (poorer) municipality in Serangani in the South of Mindanao. Municipalities are divided into income classes according to their average annual income during the previous four calendar years. Our first stop was at Maitum Municipal Hall to meet with the Municipal […]

September 01

A community from Maguindanao – Day 2 Episode 3

  After lunch we visited an indigenous migrant community from Maguindanao, in the village not far from the health center. Maguindanao is a province located in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), a group of islands composed mainly of 5 Muslim provinces – Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Mindanao, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. In this conflict […]

August 22

Arriving with a bump – Mindanao – Day 2 Episode 2

Today we visited a rural health unit and a health centre in the municipality of President Quirino, also where GSK’s project on maternal and child health is being implemented. The ride was bumpy as we progressed into the countryside but travelling to these facilities with a bump can be much worse. Women arrive by motorbike […]

August 16

A fruitful field visit – Mindanao – Day 1 Episode 1

For the next 6 days, I will be on field visits in the rural communities of Mindanao. There is a packed itinerary during which I will be able to gather information for the case study on the use of the birth plan and visit the GSK project sites in the provinces of Sultan Kudarat (South West) […]

August 11

Milk letting to music in Caloocan City

The details of my first field visit last week intrigued me a little. I would be visiting Save’s partners at the Caloocan Health Department in Caloocan City with Kit, Project Coordinator based at the Quezon City office and attending a milk letting activity. Milk letting, I discovered, is the amazing process of how milk flows […]

August 06

1000 Days – A Unique Window of Opportunity

Ensuring the Right start to Life through Optimal Maternal and Child Nutrition: Building a Stronger Nation   It was a great privilege to attend a policy forum on 1000 days at the Senate of the Philippines last week. The First 1000 days of a child’s life is fundamental to ensure they ‘survive and thrive’ but […]

July 29

Healthy Meals meets Boodle Fight!

In Celebration of JULY as Nutrition Month, on July 24, THINK AND WEAR GREEN. The healthy fight will happen at 12 noon   Well-being is alive and kicking for staff here at Save. Last week we were invited to attend a nutritional awareness presentation, followed by a Boodle fight. A Boodle fight is a Philippine […]

July 26

“Soaring high for Hi5”

Last week, I attended the DOH (Dept. of Health) Health Partners meeting in Manila entitled “Soaring High for Hi5” with Mags, Partnership Advisor at Save. This was the second meeting to be held for the Universal Health Care High Impact Five (HI-5) Plan, which is focussing on five critical UHC interventions with high impact on health. […]