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January 25

I, Muzungu

A new Perspective Blog #3 As we welcome the new year and the inevitable resolutions, I find myself at the mid-point of my PULSE Assignment in East Africa.  It would be unfair not to pause, reflect and find words (and images) in an attempt to share insights of my journey to date in this amazing […]

November 13

Kkookolo Atta

Cancer Kills Blog #2 A few weeks’ after my first installment ‘Cabin Crew: Prepare for landing’, here I am again, attempting to share insights of my first deep-dive into the world of healthcare and cancer in Least Developed Countries. My first month plan was all about ‘going and seeing’; understanding how Sub Saharan Africa works, […]

October 11

‘Cabin Crew: Prepare for Landing…’

Blog #1 After more than nine months of thinking about Pulse, talking about Pulse, dreaming about Pulse, preparing and planning… the ‘all about Pulse’ becomes a reality.  It hits on that final flight, close to destination, when you hear the captain’s voice: ‘Cabin Crew: prepare for Landing’… I land in Uganda a mild Sunday night, […]