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August 03

The light at the end: ready to “play in the major league”

I’ve been back from Haiti for 6 months now, but it still seems yesterday. The time scale expands or shrinks depending on the phases and feelings I’m going through. Looks like a funny game of the brain memory section, cortex vs hippocampus! It is quite strange I have to say, but a proof that a […]

December 15

2 months after Matthew: hurricane outside…and inside!

(I wrote this post in december 2016, published it for a few hours, took it away… was not sure what to do with it, but I now decide it has to stay. It is my personal experience afterall, and probably some of you would have felt the same.) It’s been 2 months since my last […]

October 03

Waiting for Matthew

Since yesterday I’ve been watching Matthew on the satellite pictures provided by the US National Hurricane Center, following his movements, feeling his upfront breath. I secured my windows, filled my gallons of water, filled my fridge of bread, milk, eggs and bananas, I agreed with my manager to work from home today. Schools are closed […]

September 30

Everyday may not be good but there’s something good in every day.

Long time since my last blog, lack of inspiration for a while. Some crime incidents in Port au Prince put me a bit down I suppose. The first week of september one of our colleague lost his brother, shot, land conflict. Here people build houses anarchically and land property can be a big issue. The […]

September 01


A word that gives the chills. In my mind it is associated with middle age and plague and  scary history lessons from primary school. At the latest you could associate it with the 19th century if you read Les Misérables, or El amor en los tiempos de cólera. If you google it the first quote […]

August 19

Have you got a kid? Or a nephew?

…And do you know that one of his/her official and fundamental right is to have a name?? This is defined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). I thought “does it really have to be a right?” It had to be written, because in some places around the world, children don’t even […]

August 08

Outside of Port au Prince…

Already 2 weeks since my last (and first) post… Time goes flying here. Adaptation I guess. In these 2 weeks I got the chance to escape the big jungle city twice. The first time was to go to the beach last sunday with my colleague… lucky I am as I love the sea so much and […]

July 24

Tout Timoun Ladann!

This is in haitian creole the title of the campaign I will assist at Save the Children in Haiti as a Pulse volunteer. My task will be to help promote the protection and education of children, and to fight against domestic work. The inventory was made by UNICEF in 2015: in Haiti 400 000 children from […]