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December 12

PAB#3: Family is LOVE

Living alone in an unfamiliar environment is tough and having a good support system is very helpful. During our PULSE volunteer orientation, we were told that we will experience all the phases of change curve and though I have conditioned myself, dealing with it in actual proved to be challenging. Thank you to the technology […]

November 21

PAB#2: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable!

When I was in primary school, I am used to the arrangement where my Mom would give me my total 5-day allowance at the start of the week. And it was up to me how to spend it – whether I want to live a “grand” life, from a kid’s point of view of course, […]

July 31

LAB#1: Lesotho – Am Here!

See you later, KL (and the PH too)! The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Maseru was just 4 hours less to one entire day. By the time I landed at Johannesburg, all I could think of was to get a shower and have a good sleep after that last transit (had to fly from Kuala Lumpur -> […]

July 31

PAB#1: How It All Started…

Flashback: It all begun with a drink (because as they say, no great stories started with someone eating a salad!) back in 2015 when we started to entertain the thought of exploring other roles within the organization. Well, at some point when you’re doing the same kind of stuff repeatedly you will realize that the […]