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November 10

Visiting GSK Consumer in Johannesburg & back to Market activations in the Lusaka peri-urban compounds

Mid-October, we had the chance to fly to GSK offices in South Africa. In Johannesburg, both GSK Pharma and Consumer sit in the same building. This is a very nice and green business campus shared amongst several companies.  We had the opportunity to meet our main point of contact, Kovilin, regarding the follow-up of Live […]

October 12

Organizing Sales Challenge with Teams!

Our team faced drops in sales last month. Morale in rural areas is quite low: communities do not have a lot of money due to an unfruitful harvest. And without cash, unfortunately, they don’t buy healthcare products, priority being given to getting food first for their families. In order to recover from a bad performance […]

October 06

Volunteering Day within GSK: our Orange day in a school

Tuesday this week was booked for our GSK Volunteering day called “Orange day” as per GSK colour! I met for the first time my local GSK colleagues in Zambia. They are all part of the Sales & Marketing team for Consumer Healthcare but also sales representatives for Vaccines. Their role is really interesting. They shared […]

September 29

Develop agile thinking in a small-sized social enterprise

The advantage of working in a small-sized social enterprise in Southern Africa is that you need (and develop) multi-skilled profile with strong agility and flexibility. Indeed, in one day, you may have to start dealing with suppliers, updating your product pricelist for the sales team, checking stock & upcoming deliveries and potential shortages of products […]

September 06

Giving training on healthcare products to our agents !

Dear readers and followers, Recently, I had a break in Bostwana where I discovered one of the nicest natural reserve with a stunning wildlife. Indeed, it is one of Africa’s last remaining great wildlife habitat which provides refuge to huge concentrations of game. This is a very large inland delta formed where the Okavango River […]

August 12

Testing some Marketing actions to push sales up (and weekend break in Malawi!)

Over the last 2 weeks, I both worked on 2 main axes: Building a procurement process and foster good work practices with my colleagues on one side and developing Market research as well as testing Marketing actions to push up sales with the team on the other side. Regarding procurement, I created a tier meeting […]

July 29

Bring efficiency at work!

Since my last post, many things happened… First of all, It is not because I am far away that I will forget the French Bastille Day in France on July 14th. I went to the French Embassy after a tumultuous and long cycling ride (I discovered only once I arrived that the embassy’s address had […]

July 13

Always seek the positive sides of things happening in Africa…and JUST be patient!

  Dear readers, I do have so many things to share for this week, not necessarily linked to work though… At work, first of all, we had a quieter week as we did not go into the fields with the sales team. I took time to read the Market Research reports regarding the business concept […]

July 09

Short week visiting other Live Well offices and more rural areas in Eastern Province

    After this fabulous safari, we started our short week on Wednesday in Eastern Province, in Chipata city, where the NGO settled another Live Well office to get into more rural areas. Compared to the Lusaka capital, the town is much smaller reaching up to 60 000 inhabitants. This city is very close to […]

July 09

Enjoying a long weekend for a Safari trip discovering wildlife

Only two weeks after our arrival, we were lucky to get two national bank holidays in Zambia, starting the weekend on Friday early afternoon till tuesday…! We decided to enjoy this long weekend the best way by taking a Safari in Eastern province of the country at South Luangwa National Park. This is apparently one […]

June 28

Let’s give access to healthcare products in rural areas!

Having another day of work at Live Well…well, it starts with the warehouse, or storeroom (should be the most appropriate word) where I discovered how the team receives the products, classifies them, registers them… I helped my new colleague Isaac in filling out the Stock Demand Forms, the Good Receipt Notes and so on. Then, the […]

June 26

First day working as a volunteer

How can I summarize this first work day at Live Well, Lusaka (Zambia)? AMAZING…. Yes, it might be the good word! The best induction day ever maybe?! We started directly our first day by attending the weekly staff meeting. We brought some chocolates and biscuits from home to share. People were so lovely, always with a great […]

June 23

Time to go!

Today is the big day… ! Time to fly to Zambia! I feel excited and full of energy… and moreover, not alone… I will join my future co-volunteer from GSK Montrose and we feel already so much connected, that is the BEAUTY of GSK network across the world! We received our planning for the next […]

June 16

One week before flying to Zambia

In one week time, I will be in the plane flying to Lusaka, in Zambia to join Care International team for the Live Well programme. Over the last weeks, I went through a large amount of emotions… but I must say that today, I am pretty excited and I really look forward to meeting the […]