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Hello From New Orleans, LA and the St Bernard Project!! I am now more than half-way through my PULSE Assignment and it has been mind-boggling!!  Part of my duties with the St Bernard Project (SBP) is to market the stories of the clients that come to us because they need help rebuilding their homes after […]

THREE DEGREES of SEPARATION.. Beneficial Connections!!

I have arrived to work at St Bernard Project in New Orleans, LA.  This non-profit has the momentous task of building homes and re-building lives of disaster-impacted families in the Orleans and St Bernard Parishes.  On the day I arrived, it was, of course, sweltering (temp about 90 but the humidity was about 75-80%).  I […]


So, the adventure continues in New Orleans, LA , where I will spend the next six months volunteering with the St Bernard Project.  This weekend I moved into my new “home” on St Charles Avenue.  I am in the Uptown District.  FYI, a few facts about New Orleans (courtesy/ credited as noted- Written By: Encyclopedia […]

So the Journey Begins….

I have arrived in New Orleans, LA and of course, the weather is fine!!  I am here to volunteer with the St Bernard Project, a non-governmental organization that builds homes for residents who were affected by Katrina and the Oil Spill.  I will serve as their Marketing Consultant for 6 months!! Looking for an apartment […]

Gearing Up for New Orleans!!

Hello!!  You found me!!  Thanks for dropping in.  I hope to share with you my fantastic voyage to New Orleans!!  I expect to grow in this journey; I expect to learn about making things happen; I expect to do a WHOLE lot of listening!!  The main theme of my posts will be CHANGE. CHANGE- Why is […]