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September 11

Remember Workshops for the first time

JEN★My first Workshop in June   I participated in ae workshop with student of AUW※1 ,then we discussed gender gap in the world and good organization. Also, I joined an another workshop as a PR staff about thinking media strategy. It is my first experience because in GSK I am responsible for clinical trials operations, […]

August 15

BBL/Brown Bag Lunch

In July, we hold the BBL in lunch time to introduce myself and GSK, share my experience and explain overview of ADP. I learned BBL meeting for the first time. A brown bag meeting is a casual meeting that occurs during a lunch period. This type of meeting is referred to as a brown bag […]

July 13

My first week has passed quickly

I at last started PULSE program for 6 months. ~JENでの1週間があっという間に終了しました~ I joined JEN (Japan Emergency NGO) in PR/FR department from GSK! This PULSE program motivated me because I am interested to NPO/NGO, international cooperation and volunteering. It is the big chance for me to challenge new job, new environment, new co-workers and others. Everything of  JEN was first […]