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January 23

Final blog ~Japan PULSE program~

Japanese Follows**日本語は下部 I finished my PULSE assignment successfully and it was a really good experience. I started to work at GSK Japan office again from this week. I feel it is strange for me to work GSK…haha   Anyway, I just wanted to try to sum up the work I’ve been doing with NPO JEN. […]

November 30

Thinking about socially vulnerable poor

*Japanese follows-日本語が下部にあります*** My missions in Jordan are to create posters and VR videos (virtual reality), interviews with Syrian refugees and an ADP* workshop in our Jordan office. *ADP (Accelerated Delivery Performance ) is a new process of leading and managing change in GSK. ADP incorporates ways of working, behaviours and tools that you can apply […]

October 23

Syrian Refugee camp in Jordan

  Japanese follows Today’s theme is “To be honest, I was an ignorant. What did I realize in a Syrian refugee camp?”. Could you imagine that you have to keep living in this refugee camp for years and years? Could you imagine that you may not be able to go back your hometown? I have […]

October 04

Global Festa in ODAIBA

  先週末はお台場で行われたグローバルフェスタに出展してきました。   グローバルフェスタは国内最大の国際協力のためのイベントです。(詳細はこちら) I participated in a Global Festa in Japan. The Global Festa is one of the biggest International cooperation event in Japan. イベントの企画~準備~実施までをすべて行いました。屋外でのこのようなイベントに出展者側として参加したのは初めてでした。 I am in charge of the event, so I need to perform the all tasks regarding this event (Planning ~ Preparation ~ Execution). The exhibitor was first time for […]

September 25

Same country but differnt culture

Two months has passed since I started working for JEN “Japan Emergency NGO”. I’m having fun!!  楽しくやっています🎶   In JEN, BBL*1 is about our current project and their life hold during their home leave. 3 colleagues did BBL meeting during 2 months, they came back to Japan from Sri Lanka, Jordan and Pakistan. *1:A brown bag meeting […]

September 11

Remember Workshops for the first time

JEN★My first Workshop in June   I participated in ae workshop with student of AUW※1 ,then we discussed gender gap in the world and good organization. Also, I joined an another workshop as a PR staff about thinking media strategy. It is my first experience because in GSK I am responsible for clinical trials operations, […]

August 15

BBL/Brown Bag Lunch

In July, we hold the BBL in lunch time to introduce myself and GSK, share my experience and explain overview of ADP. I learned BBL meeting for the first time. A brown bag meeting is a casual meeting that occurs during a lunch period. This type of meeting is referred to as a brown bag […]

July 13

My first week has passed quickly

I at last started PULSE program for 6 months. ~JENでの1週間があっという間に終了しました~ I joined JEN (Japan Emergency NGO) in PR/FR department from GSK! This PULSE program motivated me because I am interested to NPO/NGO, international cooperation and volunteering. It is the big chance for me to challenge new job, new environment, new co-workers and others. Everything of  JEN was first […]