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December 17

Life is never fair, and perhaps that’s a good thing?

Last pages of the Vanuatu chapter. A place where everything and everyone was foreign to me and then suddenly comes a time of saying goodbye to places and people that have grown on you and shaped you. While some days here felt like never-ending (at the start), the six months feel like six weeks. Somewhere […]

September 16

Change before you have to

It’s an early, rainy morning. I’m listening to Ludovico Eianudi. The music perfectly complements the sounds of the falling rain drops and birds outside. Yet it’s only when I look away from the computer that I’m reminded where I am. Outside my window I see a little garden of tropical flowers, coconut palm tree tops […]

July 17

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

I had this idea, lingering in my head, how I could avoid making this too personal and just take you with me on an inspirational six months journey where we address world challenges. The ones outside us. The ones that matter. Not mentioning the ridiculous things like fear of writing a blog. Nothing about my […]