Arriving in Rwinkwavu…

(Version française : voir plus bas!) Here I am now in Rwinkwavu… a village towards the end of the Eastern road: this will be my base camp for the next 6 months. Beyond, there are another 20 kms with small villages and then… only wildlife: Akagera National Park ! [1] But I’m not going to […]

July 19

An unlikely business trip

Beautiful scenery, my campervan, a fringe theatre trip …. That’ll be in my free time, right? No! This was all in the name of work … a super cool, and rather unlikely, 24h road trip in support of my Save the Children Centenary assignment. Dial back to my first week at SCI, Jack (my NGO supervisor) […]

July 19

The CEO and Peppa Pig

(A small, pink, bossy-but-loveable cartoon character who loves jumping in muddy puddles, for those who don’t know. That’s Peppa, not the CEO.) I’ve recently attended several fascinating talks, including talks by Kevin Watkins, the CEO of Save the Children UK, and Peppa Pig (not together, unfortunately! That would have been interesting). Save the Children UK […]

July 18

Some thoughts before departure! PULSE assignment at American Red Cross of Puerto Rico.

¡Hola! I am so thrilled my PULSE assignment is about to start…all the paperwork was not easy but here we are…I finally got my visa: I will be Volunteers Intake Process Lead at American Red Cross of Puerto Rico in few days and for six months’ time. A bit of background for you: on September 2017 Puerto Rico […]

July 18

A stranger in a strange land…

Just over three weeks ago, I touched down in beautiful Budapest, Hungary. Thankfully, the flight over was uneventful, aside from the typical, extra hour and a half spent on the tarmac in Philadelphia.  I haven’t posted much since my arrival, as I have been trying to be present in all I see and do, additionally,  moving […]

July 17

Rights of Persons with Disabilities – An Indian Context

This week, I will be attending the National Disability Consultation to be held over 19th and 20th July at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. This engagement organized by the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) is expected to feature an exciting line up of power packed speakers and sessions planned […]

July 16


PREPARING for my assignment in Eswatini did not start with the logistical and physical activities of organizing and packing my two purple checked bags (49.5-pound a piece).  The GSK PULSE volunteer program is neither a package tour nor a corporate assignment.  Before my departure for Eswatini, I was responsible for preparing all aspects of my […]

July 16


“If four things are followed – having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work and perseverance – then anything can be achieved.” – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam This story has nothing to do with the American reality television music competition “The Four: Battle for Stardom” on Fox, or with Tobias “Four” Eaton portrayed by […]

July 14

First impressions

Karibu! So luckily the two infamous suitcases did close and my flight to Dar Es Salaam was gloriously uneventful. I’ve been to some pretty chaotic airports before (Delhi and La Paz come to mind) but nothing could prepare me for Dar Es Salaam airport. I managed to get my way through immigration and to baggage […]

July 13

2. Abracadabra – as relevant today as it was to Dinosaurs.

I love magic, making the impossible happen. But, I didn’t realise until recently that “Abracadabra” was first used by physicians in the 3rd century AD in Rome, as a magic formula to ward off malaria.  Malaria has been around since the time of the dinosaurs, killing everything in its path. Even today, bats, many birds […]

July 13

Shifting Sands

Sand dunes are masses of loose sand that move across the ground and are built by aeolian (wind) or fluvial (flow of water) processes . Dunes come in diverse shapes and sizes which are determined by the environmental, soil/sand characteristics as well as their formative processes. Fundamentally, sand grains are blown up along the stoss […]

July 12

Tomorrow (the sun will come out)

    My second week on PULSE ended with a very ‘proud Mum moment’; seeing my children happy and confident performing in their school production of ‘Annie’.   Six months of singing and dancing practise in the living room have now sadly come to an end. It is my daughter’s last term before Upper School, and […]

July 12

Elephants in the Room

In every organization four impediments to success lurk. These are; Weak processes Lack of Capacity Poor communication Sustainability of projects Unless addressed, there will be an risk of missed opportunities and an increased threat to sustainability of the organization. How does one tackle and provide sustainable solutions around each of these organizational pet peeves? I […]

July 11

London 2.0; The arrival

Some may ask, why the topic London 2.0? I had several options as I thought of an ideal topic for my first blog. However, I settled on ‘London 2.0’ because it marked my 2nd visit to London in relation to my PULSE assignment, the first being the highly fulfilling and successful PULSE Orientation training held […]

July 11

Two weeks… Two continents… Many firsts

Vasco da Gama On 8 July 1497 Vasco da Gama, the 1st Count of Vidigueira led a fleet of four ships with a crew of 170 men from Lisbon on a historic voyage around Africa to India via the Kenyan coast. On 20 May 1498, the fleet arrived at Kappadu along the Malabar Coast in […]