October 19

I Don’t Like Feet

Cliché, yes, but true nonetheless, time does pass by so very quickly. I’ve only 8 weeks left to go! I continue to enjoy my work with PATH and the camaraderie with my colleagues here, and I revel in the fact that I am learning every day, especially about myself. So what have I learned about […]

October 17

Post #3 – Pray to rain can’t not be the only action – Please help!

On Oct 6th, I went to visit one institution that is part of the NGO I’m working for and they are about to lose all the vegetables they have cultivated because they are having problem with the water system. They are collecting water from one neighbor for the primary necessities only. This institution supports 38 […]

October 17

Let‘s start the music!

“Return to old watering holes for more than water; friends and dreams are there to meet you”. African proverb Esta tercera semana ha marcado un nuevo tempo, han llegado el resto de los compañeros de GSK con los que compartiré los próximos 6 meses de una forma u otra, he empezado a empaparme en los […]

October 16

The Nigeria I saw

What comes to mind when you hear Nigeria? Lagos? Oil? Crime? Corruption? Well, that’s not surprising. However, allow me to introduce you to the Nigeria I saw. Before I do that though, I will shamefully admit that until I experienced and explored Nigeria, the things that would have come to my mind would’ve been Boko […]

October 15

Natures Beauty Pictures

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” — John Ruskin I took advantage of Independence Day in Lesotho on Oct 04 to visit Cape Town and Namibia.  I wanted to share with you the beautiful sites I saw.  Africa is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever […]

October 14

The road less traveled –

It has almost been a month since my last blog. Whilst I am based in Abuja my assignment has me auditing for the Malaria Consortium and I have been traveling around the country.  Just as when I was in Mozambique and traveled there – here in Nigeria I have done the same and that is […]

October 13

4th blog: Cassia Seed, ケツメイシ, 決明子,

This picture was taken at Oudong where had been ex-capital city in Cambodia from 1618 to 1866 (older history than Angkor Wat). When you stand on this point, you can feel that you could see all over the Cambodia. I stood there and felt like “this city saw all of Cambodia.” By the way, some […]

My first blog

Yes, very true this is my first blog. Just 3 months back I was excited to join my Pulse Assignment. It’s really amazing and wonderful experience for the lifetime. I joined a school of mentally challenged children I.e. Aashirwad Special Education School. Initially it was a fear in mind what to do or not to […]

October 12

Organizing Sales Challenge with Teams!

Our team faced drops in sales last month. Morale in rural areas is quite low: communities do not have a lot of money due to an unfruitful harvest. And without cash, unfortunately, they don’t buy healthcare products, priority being given to getting food first for their families. In order to recover from a bad performance […]

October 12

The melody of emptiness

I wanted to write another blog with personal reflection, as a follow up to ‘where is home’. I sat down almost every evening for the last 4 weeks to put something interesting together. Thousands, if not more, of different and intermixed emotions flashed by but the page still remained blank. I couldn’t work out why […]

October 12

Safari Time!

“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.” — Dr. Seuss A couple of weeks ago I took a few days off and went on a safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa.  Then, on my actual birthday, I spent it brushing down, feeding and interacting with elephants in the […]

October 12

“It seems impossible until it is done”

Coming back to the Camp during one of its best days (Dynamo Open Day) and finding it so…bright, in celebration..it was amazing! All Dynamo family together and everyone was taking care about any single part of the Camp in order to welcome guests, families, children, dynamìci and Dynamo ambassadors. Circus, clownerie, climbing, animal factory, archery, […]

October 12

Namaskara from Bengaluru (Bangalore)

I had been preparing myself for this memorable journey for the past few months, after a  long tiring 10 hour flight from London Heathrow, my pickup arrived on time, once we left the Bengaluru Airport I saw tall buildings,  the city is the major IT exporter in India hence the nickname being The Silicon Valley […]

October 11


CULTURAL LIFE IN ABUJA LA VIE CULTURELLE A ABUJA Since I arrived I went to different concert, exhibition and spectacle. The first time was with Jumi, Juergen and Manish to Theater in August. Depuis mon arrivée je suis allée à divers concerts, expositions et spectacles. La première fois c’était au théâtre en Août avec Jumi, […]

October 11

Open heart … A coeur ouvert…

Three weeks ago I was in France for a one-week short break with my family. I really enjoyed every moment spent with all of them. I REALLY enjoyed all that I have. I also realized that, before going in Nigeria, I did not take advantage of life as I should. I enjoyed during this break […]