March 26

Chapter 6: “To be sitting on a gold mine”

Hi everyone, I am still waiting for your answers to my last post’s request with your suggestions for the next one… (That was sarcasm: You see? I’m still here…) as you can see, I’ve already started writing it since it seemed that no one was going to answer or had any questions. So, I’ll continue […]

March 19

What did you do for me Teranga!!

Is there any extension option? This is my last week in Dakar, few days and I will be back home. Two figures are fighting in my head, the one who arrived to Dakar on October 11th and was crying to go back home, with the other one who’s preparing to pack up to going back. […]

March 11


Unleash your emotions while your eyes are enjoying the scene. One click, Watch it, Don’t miss it.!AsOkXCs6xk84gkiqGxs7dEupqQei    

March 10

My mission at the Society

Not many understand what I do here in Toronto, more so, in the Canadian Cancer Society. Here are the questions that I usually get about my stint. What am I here for? Why does GSK spend on me to volunteer for an NGO? What is my job? (translate: Do I organize charity events?) What help […]

Where rural is really rural!

  I thought I knew what the word “rural” meant: according to my experience, that was a place in the middle of the countryside with normally a church and a cemetery for the soul, both contrasted by a couple of pubs or restaurants for the body. I then visited a rural community near Chipata, in […]

February 28

Colors of the Wind

“Giving Angels Wings to Soar”- this is what the tag said on a bracelet given to me by my godmother, my Aunt Margaret Crosby before I left to go to Uganda.  My family, friends and co-workers celebrated with me when I got the news that I was going to work with Eminyeeto, a girl empowerment program […]

February 27

Amazing experience by all means

Finally one step forward… I have received an invitation from the IT department of the MOH to assist to the train the trainer workshop, as PATH representative. PATH has developed and shared with the MOH an e-learning platform that aim to ensure the continuous education of the health professionals for a proper management of the […]

February 17

Greetings again from Lusaka!

  It has been months since I wrote my first blog and I am justifying this to myself by taking a quote from a book I read long time ago: “Words do not express thoughts very well. They always become a little different immediately they are expressed, a little distorted, a little foolish. (Herman Hesse, […]

February 12

Chapter 5: “The chameleon changes colour to match the earth….”

I am here again after my Christmas break…it is been quit. A long time without writing and, perhaps, my “inspiration” has gone while I was in Spain and I need more time to adapt myself again after my break…or may be too much work, because I am in the discount time and I need to […]

February 07

Turning point: Evolution!

Come back to GSK Rosia Vaccine site and hard to say goodbye to my PULSE adventure and all people met during this adventure! My farewell was an impressive and emotional moment, celebrated with all Direct Relief staff!  Most of them become my adoptive family and, honestly, a part of me is still with them at Direct […]

February 07

MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME; A Joy Shared is a Joy Doubled.

On arrival in Nepal, I realized that a friend of mine that I had met a little over ten years ago had traveled to Kathmandu as a pilgrim. Unfortunately, he got arrested and had been in jail for a while. His family back home was restless trying to acquire information about his whereabouts and health […]

February 06

Finding Neverland

It’s here – I reached my last week in the Philippines. I can’t believe it was only 6 months ago that I arrived in Manila. Feels almost like a century ago… Time can be funny sometimes, eh? When I submitted my PULSE application, I wrote that, amongst other reasons, I wanted to do this to […]

February 02

Toronto and CCS: First impressions

Caution: Very long blog… I tried to condense my first 25 days in this post! The Weather When I first got here, weather was always a convo starter and I totally relate why. So, you see, it deserves the top spot for this story. I was never used to talking about it back home because […]

January 29

Knowing is a thing and seeing is a totally different thing

We always hear about the suffering of millions of people around the globe from everyday disease, the inadequate treatment and how many people don’t have access to essential health services particularly in developing countries. But you will never figure out the real meaning of this suffering unless you could see with your own eyes the […]

January 29

It sounds so cliché…

As 2016 came to a close, so too did my PULSE assignment at the Canadian Cancer Society in Toronto. I feel like I should write a final blog, but where to begin? As I reflect on these past months, I want to write about my experience, but I can’t seem to find the words to […]