2020 Volunteers

PULSE 2020 update

We have made the difficult decision this year to cancel our PULSE 2020 programme due to the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic. The health, safety and security of our volunteers is of utmost importance to us and so for this reason we will not be supporting either home-based or international assignments this year.

However, we were also planning something a little different for 2020! Working in partnership with our GSK US Community Partnerships team, 4 GSK employees were successfully matched to take part in a new programme – the STEM Equity Collective. We will continue to progress with this programme as it is locally conducted and can be completed in part virtually.

What is the STEM Equity Collective?

In partnership with the Philadelphia Education Fund and the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem, GSK is supporting a comprehensive 10-year collective impact initiative to increase the number of diverse Philadelphia students entering STEM (science, technology, engineering,and math) careers by 2030. In the first year of the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective, volunteers will work with Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem and other partners to develop a common agenda, engage students, parents and teachers, build a sustainable backbone and measurement infrastructure to increase the number of diverse Philadelphia students entering STEM careers over the next decade.

Rather than volunteer for 3 to 6 months full-time, like traditional PULSE assignments, these volunteers will volunteer 1 to 2 days of their week, while continuing to work their normal job at GSK, for a period of up to 12 months. There are 2 roles these 4 volunteers will be undertaking: Collective Backbone Managers and Community Engagement Coordinators.

Collective Backbone Managers


Kimberly is a Transformation Director at GSK who focuses on the delivery of continuous sustainable process, product and business improvements within manufacturing and R&D. She will be one of two Collective Backbone Managers.

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Leng is an Investigator in our Pharmaceuticals business and her expertise lies within the biochemistry, assay development, and screening space.  Leng will work with Kimberly as our second Collective Backbone Manager.

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Together Kimberly and Leng will develop agendas and strategies for the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective (PSEC) quarterly meetings, as well as support development of PSEC charter and memorandums of understanding for participants.


Community Engagement Coordinators


Linda is a Clinical Quality Assurance Manager and serves as co-lead of the engagement work-stream of the Global Clinical Trial Diversity Team. Linda will be volunteering as one of our Community Engagement Coordinators.

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Megan is an Investigator in Materials Science within Chemical Development of Platform Development and Supply. She joined the Science in Schools group and co-chaired the Philadelphia Science Carnival for two years. Megan will be our second Community Engagement Coordinator.

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Together, Linda and Megan will engage community members and collective participants in advancing grassroots activities and goals, leveraging the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective (PSEC) resources and network and support the development of an ongoing engagement strategy for students, parents, teachers and other community members.