Redefining Invincible

This one might seem a bit random, but there is a point, so please bear with me.  I love the song Invincible by the band Muse.  Definitely in my top 5 favourite songs with such illustrious company; U2, Abba, John Denver and Coldplay.  There is something about it that inspires me into action.  And then I got to thinking about my Pulse Journey and the last few months as I am almost half way into this experience.

I like to think I am invincible.  And maybe this is what the song instills in me is the discipline and determination to keep going no matter what I’m faced with.  I wrote in my first blog about the loss of one of my oldest friends.  When we were together, we were invincible.  Age was irrelevant to us, we just wanted to explore life, love our family and friends and support each other in the bad times.  And we did just that.  With her loss, I felt like my impenetrable shield of invincibility had been pierced.

Then I started my journey with Pulse, Save the Children and my life in Washington, DC.  Starting over is hard -period.  There are so many feelings and emotions that come with this. The best way to describe it is nervous with a side of curiosity & excitement!  You have no idea what you are walking into, but you go willingly with an open mind to explore and embrace everything.  My immersion was a bit different as life had already thrown me a curveball.  But invincibility kicked in, and I just kept moving. 

Life has now formed a familiar routine in DC and then I found myself sleeping a bit more than usual and lacking the will to get up and explore this beautiful city.  And I had to ask myself, why? 

I arrived on July 3rd and hit the ground running and I’ve not stopped.  I was determined to immerse myself in my new organization and discover every nook and cranny of DC.  If you think of invincibility like a tire; it already had a leak and was losing air daily.  The tire, no matter my will, was losing its ability to propel me forward.

When you start over in a city and away from home, you will feel alone.  It was on one of these days, I checked my mailbox and received a beautiful card from best friend.  Inside was hand drawn sketch of one of my favourite places in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  And this quote from Theordore Roetheke “Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.”

Here is my point, sometimes we must slow down and allow ourselves to feel our way forward through the things we cannot see.  Now I still love Muse’s song Invincible, but 3 months into my Pulse assignment it has taken on a different meaning.  Invincible does not mean impenetrable and unflappable.  Invincible means knowing when to slow down enough to take care of yourself and more importantly, let others take care of you.  In modern day vernacular, this is self care, but quite honestly this is just love.

So to everyone that is reading this and what I am reminded of is invincibility comes from remembering that those who love you are on your journey, no matter where they are. 


  1. Beautifully written! This resonates with me as I do believe we need to be weak, to feel show courage & determination when need be 🙂 not all the time.. so glad you are talking the time to care for your self & come to terms with this new perspective of invincibility! Best of luck Angie, Manu.

  2. This reminded me of the words I recently read somewhere: Only love can safely handle power. Sending you some more love from far away (and a stranger really) but somehow sharing this journey…

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