1. @Ana, Barretstown is indeed magical and your post says it all ! It’s wonderful to hear all the experiences you have had in just a few weeks since you arrived here. I am sure you will continue to make tremendous impact for the campers & their families in the coming months! All the best. Manu.

  2. Hi Ana, thank you so much for sharing your post (and in two languages :)). What an incredible mission and opportunity you have there at Barretstown to contribute and help improve processes and identify opportunities to create efficiencies through technology and increased collaboration that will ultimately benefit the families and especially the children so they can continue to “raise a little hell” . I am so happy for you that you are giving so much but also receiving so much back in return. Thanks again for sharing a bit from your PULSE experience.

  3. What a great, creative, way of blogging Ana! Barretstown really is such a magical place that’s makes a massive impact on the lives of those living with severe illnesses. It sounds like you have met some very inspiring people & I hope this journey continues for you in such a positive manner. Looking forward to hearing more about your work with the Press Play campaign!

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