June 11

Here we go

Yesterday was my first day in DC and it was filled with a completely overwhelming experience – new people, new building, new badge (which i promptly lost), new city, new apartment, new way to get to work (walking and metro)…this list goes on. AND, I have about 8 million ‘things’ to learn. Like GSK, every organization has acronyms – ILGA, SOGIE, NGLHRC, GALCK,…..

But, as overwhelming as it was, it was also amazing. I’ll be working primarily with the Open For Business ‘core team’. Drew, CJ and I are in DC and Yvonne is in Nairobi. They’ve been so welcoming and warm as they indoctrinate me. I spent most of the day learning about the Open for Business Coalition partners (including GSK!), the civil society partners and other business organizations all working to advance LGBT+ rights.

Today it’s on to financials, research, programs, and specifically my role. I’ll be:

70% focused on research strategy, funding & activation

20% global and local influencer programs

10% developing a healthcare specific initiative that GSK will lead.

I’ll let you know what all that means as soon as I figure it out.

PS…I couldn’t escape open floor plan!!!