Back at GSK – a new start

Finally, I am back at GSK, I started working last week on 4th February immediately after my return, as I felt that was the best way for me.  I used the past week to readapt to the weather and my daily routine in Siena. The most difficult part was managing the emotions, I was happy to be back but sad at the same time for the friends and the life I left there in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico and its people became a piece of my heart, they will always have me as their friend and I know I have a family there. I cannot wait for them to visit me, so we could keep on working on our exchange. I will be very proud to show Siena, the Tuscany and wherever place in Italy they will want to visit.

I already spoke to a Town Hall and gave an interview to the Communications department, while still metabolizing the past months. I will really advertise the program as much as I can, we do not realize how lucky we are in having it. I already have people who booked me for lunch or for a coffee as they want to know about the PULSE program and my experience and…this is excellent!

The PULSE program is an immense privilege that GSK offer to its employees and it is a great opportunity to help while training oneself. This was an important professional and personal experience, I feel improved, more confident, more skilled, and with a renewed enthusiasm. I have many ideas, I just need some time to let them set so I could try to develop them into actual proposals.

The PULSE experience is a changing one, has its ups and downs, and what shapes the most is overcoming the little complications along the path, adapting and observing one’s own evolution along the way. I want to dedicate part of this last blog to thank all the people who allowed me to be successful:

Thanks to my manager, Davide Serruto, who encouraged me since the beginning and along my whole permanence at American Red Cross,

Thanks to my Supervisors at American red Cross Jesus Castro and Yesenia Torres, as they pushed me to be stronger and overcome some limits,

Thanks to Melissa Santana, as she has been a wonderful example of strong, empowered and professional woman!

Thanks to Alberto Fernandini Mayra Cruz, Jesus Castro, Melissa Santana, Jose Rodriguez, Axel Lopez for being such great friends!!! More like a family!

Thanks to Gladys Rodríguez and Zenobia Donato for being my family during Christmas,

Thanks to anyone in Puerto Rico who was kind and welcoming with me without asking nothing in exchange!

Thanks To Denyse Winn, Florencia Storch, Josephine Karuchi, Lucas Sakalem and all the PULSE team!

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