Every beginning must have an end – the final goodbye

And so, with the pre-design workshop out of the way, I began the slow winding down of my assignment. I still have a couple of things to do like updating my project charter and my budget sheet.

When I look back to when it all started that cold morning in April in London, I wonder how fast time flies. I mean a whole lot has happened and finally the last day of my assignment was upon me in a rush.

It’s been a memorable journey, friendships built, lessons and new things learnt, I have integrated to such a point I feel I have been here all my life. I have gotten used to the people I have worked with this past months from Samy, Tahlil, Poppy, Vanesa, Bea, Tara in the UK office to Innocent, Solomon, Dr Adamu, Shannon, Dr Joseph, Dr Ijeoma, Amaka, Dr David, Magama and a whole lot of other people in Abuja, Lagos and Jigawa offices. The laughter, the banters, the misunderstanding, the trips, the debates at meetings and the making up all in a bid to ensure we focus and achieve our objectives for this amazing program. It was tough saying goodbyes and the song ‘If I could turn back the hand of time’ kept playing in my head.

Design workshop 3

So, how have I been able to live the PULSE mission of change my community, change myself and change GSK?

As I made to update my project charter and write my Case Study, I had to reflect on what this amazing journey meant to me.

Firstly, stepping out of my shoes into another organization after 15 years was never going to be an easy task. However, I was able to quickly settle down and build relationships, thanks to my resilience, inter-personal relationship skills, inclusive and friendly nature. I learnt to project myself in a positive manner and cultivate friendships. Sometimes things haven’t gone the way I expected, but I learnt to appreciate the diversity and be able to manage challenges better. That way I have been able to deliver my tasks effectively.


Secondly, on a personal development level, I have improved my leadership skill, project management skill, resilience, knowledge of health program development and more importantly a better understanding of GSK’s role in the global healthcare landscape.

As I reflected upon all these, I thought of how I will change GSK upon my return, and prepared to write my Case Study


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  1. Good job Emmanuel. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be back to life after Pulse. The memories and learnings will remain forever.

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