The residents and staff of the Ann Harding Cheshire Home at the Golen Harvest Parkrun.

Residents and staff of the Ann Harding Cheshire Home visited the Golden Harvest Parkrun on 1 December, as part of their activities for Disability Rights Awareness Month.

The objective of the visit was to create awareness for physical disabilities and to support the many runners who participate in this event. The group had a wonderful time cheering for the runners and loud cheers could be heard for those who rang the bell indicating their personal best time in which they have completed the parkrun.

“With the theme of this year’s Disability Rights Awareness Month being ‘A disability-inclusive, barrier-free South Africa by 2030’, we felt that it was important for the residents to see what is happening in their community, and to participate as far as possible. We hope to make this a regular occurrence, and hopefully, the parkrunners will get used to us and become involved with the home,” said Kashif Younis, the National fundraising Coordinator for the home.

This article was published in SUN News on 15th Dec 2018.


One comment

  1. It is great to see that the work you are doing with Cheshire Homes is receiving media coverage Kashif and that you were quoted in the Sun News. What an inspiring event to help South Africa become more inclusive of those with disabilities.

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