More life-changing experiences

Hi everyone!
These are the most important things I have been working on, since my last post:

  1. Promoting the Foundation
    In the process to do fundraising for the non-profit, I have been visiting several companies, Professional Chambers, Employee Associations, Media companies, etc, to share with them the transformational project that is being done by La Casa de los Niños.
    I discovered that in most of the cases, the companies can collaborate with non-profits, yet need time to get endorsement from their superiors.
    Patience and openness are required during the process: patience because companies need a time to evaluate the non-profit within the organization (so not necessarily the response is immediate), and flexibility because the help can come in diverse ways (open mindedness is crucial)!
    It has been amazing to meet new people from such a variety of businesses and places. Some examples of the companies I have visited: McDonalds, Oracle, International Christial School, Roche, Epson, Walmart, Adobe, amont others. 
  2. Making sinergies
    One of my favorite experience during the assignment is to see how interesting it is when the different members of the human society get connected to produce a synergy. That was the case of one of the IB schools in Costa Rica, that has a program called CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). Such program requires that students work on projects with social impact and therefore, when they heard about the non-profit, they decided to organize the students to deliver a beautiful Christmas party for children. There were about 150 children receiving gifts, and having a refreshing moment that made them smile.
    So, this was the synergy: GSK presenting the Foundation to the School, and then, the school helping the Foundation. Yes, we can do it if we work together.
    Pulse fiesta barrio nuevo
  3. Moving from “Compassion to Action”
    In the light of the GSK´s Global Month of Volunteering campaign called “From Compassion to Action”, my colleagues from GSK, organized food selling for fundraising during the whole month. In addition, they came to La Casa de los Niños to paint the middle and high school building. The spirit of volunteering was evident in the team and it looks so much better now! Thanks to my peers at GSK who, with their actions, have confirmed that compasion is not enough…it needs to get converted into action!
    Pulse Pintura FCN
  4. Learning from others
    Fundraising was not my expertise area at GSK, so found it crucial to learn from others. With that in mind, I had the opportunity to share strategies with a very well-known non-profit, called World Vision. It was enlightening to visit them and to capture key points to improve the fundraising strategy at La Casa de los Niños. Thanks to World Vision for its collaborative spirit to share their experiences and learnings with us.
    Pulse World Vision
  5. Special Moments
    The most special moment during the last weeks was this one: Do you remember that the Costa Rican First Lady came to the non-profit and we did a presentation for her? Well, at the end of her visit, she expressed that she was impressed about the work performed by La Casa de los Niños, and asked us about what she could help with.Last week, our non-profit Director, along with our President, attended a meeting arranged by the First Lady. The Director of the Costa Rican children program (PANI) was also invited. The meeting was so successful that both the First Lady and the PANI Director agreed on the importance of providing financial funding from the government to the non-profit. Therefore, the possibility to ensure sustainability for the upcoming years for La Casa de los Niños as well as a potential expansion to deliver more and/or to attend more children, is open now.

    Well done to the whole team, but mainly to our Director & President, who have been working so hard throughout the years to build such a robust and transformational program to help the children to break the poverty cycle. Yes, we can achieve more if we go for it!
    Pulse primera dama

Thanks a lot for reading my blog. More news soon! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and very succesfull new year!



  1. I remember the blog where the First lady visited the first time- everything has come full circle, Congratulations on such a successful meeting and her confirming her support and the importance of providing financial funding! = )

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