Leonard Cheshire Disability- The Launch

Yet another exciting moment marked for Leonard Cheshire Disability and for myself, so excited to be a part of the New Leonard Cheshire Brand launch in the East Afrika Region.


Ushers on duty on that day: –


The event took place in Stanley Hotel, and the guest list was extensive. Representatives from prominent establishments were invited to speak at the event, and it was an honour to introduce myself and also to speak on the affiliation GSK has with LCD. Most exciting for me is the opportunity to meet with  Neil Heslop- Leonard Cheshire-  CEO of LCD, who flew in from the UK to officially officiate this memorable event.


It was a big event, as the press was there, and the event was featured in the local news and radio stations in Nairobi. digairobi:-


Felix from the Regional Office and i , just before the event started :-


Thomas and Franco from the Regional Office:-


“If it’s Difficult, then its Important. If its important, then there bound to be errors”- Neil Heslop






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