The Difference We Are Making

IMG_1018 (1)It’s been an exciting 4 months working with Theodora on this 6-month impact measurement project. Impact measurement is showing how the Giggle Doctors help to bring about positive, meaningful changes for children in hospital.   Before I joined, the charity had started to measure the benefits of a Giggle Doctor visit but being a small team, they needed some extra help to really capture the impact of the visits. I spent some time at the beginning of the project getting to know the team, meeting some of the Giggle Doctors, running workshops and observing them with the children on hospital visits. It was amazing to be able to see the Giggle Doctors work and how much the children enjoy their visits.

To improve our impact measurement, I split the project into three steps:

  • Firstly, I worked with the team to develop a formal ‘Theory of Change’. With help from the Giggle Doctors we discussed the charity’s goals, the need they are trying to address (improving children’s experience of the medical environment), and how the Giggle Doctor visits aim to achieve this.
  • After step one we realised we needed to understand more about the children, parents, hospitals that we are working with. This will help us better understand the needs of the children our Giggle Doctors visit. To do this we have set up 2 surveys on the website and social media asking parents, children and hospital staff to give us their feedback on how they found the Giggle Doctor visit and ways in which it changed their hospital experience. We are also interviewing parents with a formal set of questions that align with the other feedback being collected.
  • The third step is improving the way the charity measures the impact they are making against the changes they want to make. We know that being in hospital can cause anxiety, boredom and isolation for children due to current research. We want to make sure our Giggle Doctor visits are helping to reduce these feelings and increase opportunities for play. We are completing this stage of the pilot and are analysing the results for future improvements.

As my project is coming to a close in the next 6 weeks (eek!), I will be busy discussing next steps with the charity based on what has come from the 2 pilot projects. We are also concurrently setting up Google Analytics reports and Google Adwords to help monitor/increase the flow of traffic to the website and visibility of the charity.  Lots to do!!!

One comment

  1. wow! So hoping these next 6 weeks go slow and you can get everything done and enjoy the rest of your assignment! How neat that you are measuring the impact of the Giggle drs! = )

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