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For the past seven weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of working from PATH’s office in Hanoi with the Global Health Security team in developing the organization’s response to AMR. My time in Vietnam is especially fortuitous as PATH is gearing up to Antibiotics awareness month with a range of activities in support of infection prevention and control, rational use of antibiotics and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance.

Working with PATH’s experts in Vietnam has been eye-opening; the team here are among the most knowledgeable and inspiring people I’ve ever met. Combining diverse educational and professional backgrounds, they possess a vast wealth of knowledge with incredible stories to tell.

To highlight PATH’s work and the team in Vietnam, I’d like to share the work of a few of my colleagues in their experiences in tackling global health challenges in Vietnam.

This series of blog posts was produced with a fellow PULSE10 volunteer, also working for PATH based out of Hanoi. Check out more profiles on Nadine’s blogs, linked here.


Truong is a Health Information Systems specialist, working for PATH in Vietnam under the Global Health Security Partnership (GHSP). Truong has a background in IT, focused on developing software solutions. At PATH, he works with the Vietnam Ministry of Health to implement software solutions designed to improve availability and accuracy of patient data.

Health Information Systems are a critical component of healthcare provision. These platforms incorporate information such as routine patient data, hospital resources, laboratory testing results, disease surveillance information and other relevant datasets. Under GHSP, Truong has developed and implemented systems in 16 hospitals which gather vital information on hospital acquired infection to inform antibiotic prescribing practices, reduce hospital acquired infection and inform sanitation policies.

Truong’s work has a major impact on how patients are treated. Reducing the barriers to relevant clinical information in the public health system provides healthcare providers the information they need to treat patients appropriately. This is becoming increasingly important with the spread of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), a phenomenon which threatens our ability to treat infection and disease worldwide.

In approaching a new challenge, Truong demonstrates an outwardly optimistic attitude. “When something doesn’t work perfectly, we keep trying … we can always find a solution”.

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