Voices of Health Competition: Vote Early, Vote Often — for The Food Trust!

Greetings from my PULSE assignment at The Food Trust!    Hope you are all well and enjoying, at least for those of us in Philadelphia, a finally sunny autumn day.

I also hope this finds you with a few seconds (promise – only seconds) to vote for The Food Trust in Aetna’s Voices of Health Competition.  This competition is designed to celebrate nonprofit agencies, like The Food Trust, that bring positive change to our communities, inspire us, and make us all stronger.  We are excited to be among this year’s finalists, alongside other local organizations working each day to address the social determinants of health in our communities.  Please help us come in first and win much needed funds to help us continue in our mission of providing healthy, affordable food to all!  Just click here – http://www.aetnavoicesofhealth.com/2018/philadelphia/agencies/the-food-trust/

You can vote every day, multiple times per day – with every email address and social media account you have.  It really only takes a few seconds and they don’t collect all your personal info. And, you can also share on your own social media sites — hint, hint.

Thank you in advance for your support!!  Vote early, vote often!

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