Changes, changes and more changes through my Pulse experience

The Employee Volunteering annual Impact Report 2017 -2018 has been released! And, on the other hand, they have been two months since I have started my Pulse assignment at the Fundación La Casa de los Niños in Costa Rica, Central America.

It seems, this is an appropriate time for me to reflect if I am accomplishing the Pulse´s triple purpose:

  1. Change Communities: By making real contributions and lasting value to the society.
  2. Change employees: Stepping out of comfort zone and gaining more understanding of global healthcare landscape increasing energy, motivation and resilience.
  3. Change GSK: Being employees with a bigger view of the word to change GSK for the better.

So, come with me to evaluate these two first months:

Change Communities

Pulse has allowed me to help the non-profit at first, by organizing “listening sessions” using the Keep-Stop-Start methodology. These sessions were intended to capture what is the non-profit doing well, what should be corrected, and what actions should be initiated. The results are amazing: broken relationships are now fixed, aligned ways of working have been defined, and personal & group growth is evident.
So, truly listening to people to convert findings into actions has been the first step to provoke a change. Then, the use of coaching techniques with leaders to help them with their improvement opportunities and discover their true potential, has been an adequate element to conclude the change within the team. And the good thing is that, once you fix the internal team, now they are better equipped to accomplish the core reason of the Foundation: the children and their families.

Pulse KSS2
Running a Listening Session with Teachers & Psychologists

Change employees:

Working for the non-profit has changed me substantially. First, I can see, daily, the faces of those precious children so, my sensibility to their needs has dramatically increased. This has enhanced my sense of urgency to progress with my project: the fundraising strategic plan was ready at the end of the first month and the web page and social network were upgraded in my second month.

Now, I am starting the fundraising field work, visiting the Companies, Institutions, friends, etc. I needed to contact sales experts in GSK for them to teach me the best techniques to get my objective: new donors and donations. New fields, new experiences, new challenges, but in all cases, is about how to reinvent yourself to overcome barriers and get transformed to achieve the goals. Everything is for those precious children and adolescents, so it is crucial to do it.

Pulse niños
A normal day at Fundación La Casa de los Niños

Change GSK:

I have not returned to GSK yet, but I am working along with my peers in GSK Costa Rica to activate the volunteering month “From Compassion to Action”. Teams at GSK are doing different fundraising activities during October, and at the end of the month we will have a significant amount of GSK volunteers painting the non-profit. This touches my heart. My team and peers are going deeper in understanding that we all can do amazing things for the world and when we do that, we are showing to the world what Courage & Trust really mean.

Pulse con Leo
GSK employees visiting the NGO and defining the plan for the Global Volunteering Month. Leonardo Quirós, Site Director; Sofía Víquez, HR Manager and Marianela Rivera, Comms Champion

It seems that indeed, changes are happening. Let´s go for more.


Note. Thank you for reading my blog and please feel free to give me your comments, ideas, advices or simply, your greetings!


  1. Wow- thank you for sharing- so neat that some colleagues in sales at GSK have given some tips, and fantastic to hear the local GSK colleagues will come to volunteer for the Global Month of Volunteering!

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