Passing the baton … how do we reach our goal?

Greetings everyone,

I used to love running leg one of the relay… If you’ve ever had to start something, take-over, hand over or finish anything with many eyes watching at what is, in that moment a huge deal… you know it can be daunting but you’re in it to reach that goal and getting off to a good start whether in sport, professional or personal life is critical, but so are all the other stages in the chain. We all have many examples of playing a part in something that we believe is important; for me at this point in my professional life it is working to reduce childhood mortality, focussing on tackling the unacceptable burden of pneumonia, the largest infectious cause of child mortality globally.

It’s an inspiring time working with colleagues across the world in Save the Children who have warmly welcomed me on board to help build the momentum and plans to deliver critical changes that are needed in countries including Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and South Sudan where most children who are usually also malnourished, die from preventable and treatable causes such pneumonia, diarrhoea.

We are seeking to better understand how childhood diseases are being managed in places where those most often and badly affected may also be the most difficult to reach, where a complex interplay of multiple issues, fragile infrastructure and security challenges may impact significantly on best laid plans.

Our growing knowledge and insights are equipping us at Save the Children to play our role through partnering with others to mobilise leadership at all levels, find innovative approaches and amplify our efforts within the committed, global team effort that is required for the world to meet the UN sustainable development goal 3.2 that by 2030, no child under 5 years should die of preventable causes.

For the sake of millions of children who deserve a future, working together to tackle preventable childhood mortality should mean that we can all be on the winning team.

Save the Children marks its centenary year next year, 100 years of striving to ensure that children survive, thrive, learn, are protected and realise their potential.

If you’d like to learn more about Save the Children which is present in 120 countries, pneumonia and PULSE do click on the links below, you can also read my first blog from the start of my assignment:

Kevin Watkins Save the Children UK CEO, BBC Radio 4 interview on pneumonia 30/08/18 (48:30):

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  1. Glad to hear you have been warmly welcomed, and what an incredible opportunity to help Save the Children positively impact children’s lives in a life changing way, and to be directly helping the UN reach their sustainable development goal 3.2!

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