We, at the Financial Reporting Team in GSK Business Service Centre in Kuala Lumpur, are always reminded and guided by our Regional Operations Performance Lead – Nittan, with this statement:

“The balance sheet of today, is the P&L (Profit & Loss) of tomorrow. “

Balance sheet reconciliation is one of our Key Performance Indicators every month. We are the guardian of the balance sheet. (sounds like Marvels Guardian of the Galaxy) In order to hit our monthly KPI target, we need to ensure that all reconciliations are prepared in accordance with the balance sheet reconciliation policy.

The balance sheet reconciliation schedules should always tie up with SAP and BISON numbers.

My Big Boss Nittan shared to me before that he wanted to become a pilot. He achieved it by becoming a pilot of this drone. Credit to him for this picture.


I had mentioned on my previous blog post that the project I was working on was almost on the completion stage. Few more things to incorporate and prove before it would go through final evaluation and possible amendment. I had incorporated all the transactions available from 2 financial systems and some medical data.

Once I managed to tie up the figures from 2 financial systems vs PIH final report consolidation tool, then my project would be 95% complete.

Surprisingly, I found a variance. I reviewed all my data on the template but still the variance kept on appearing. Then I asked myself, Where is the $ 93k?


  • System A + System B = System C.
  • When I tried to prove this, System A + System B ≠ System C.

Then, I asked myself, where is the $ 93k?


  • I pulled out my PIH laptop.
  • Downloaded the latest transaction listings from System A and B.
  • Plugged all the data on my template. The variance appeared again.

Then, I asked myself, where is the $ 93k?


  • I went to my supervisor. Explained the situation.
  • Agreed on the facts. Requested additional data.
  • After an hour, the variance was still there.

Then, I asked myself, where is the $ 93k?


  • The wind outside was very strong.
  • Trees were swaying. Dust was hovering.
  • Someone shouted Fire! Fire! Fire!
  • I quickly put my laptop on my bag and rushed outside.
  • The next day, I continued the project.
  • The variance was not yet reconciled.

Then, I asked myself, where is the $ 93k?

Front yard of PIH Malawi Office. This served as an evacuation area when someone shouted fire last week due to strong winds.


  • The week ended. It was Friday night.
  • Grabbed three bottles of beer.
  • Watched some episodes of “This Is Us” Season 2.
  • The project lingered on my mind afterwards.

Then, I asked myself, where is the $ 93k?


  • Saturday. It was my schedule to buy some grocery items.
  • Travelled one hour to go down the mountains.
  • Road was not concrete. It was very rocky and uneven.
  • Another one hour on a comfortable and concrete road.
  • Reached the city and started to buy all the stuffs on my list.
  • As I was looking at the price of each item, guess what?
  • The 9 and 3 appearing on my variance were everywhere 🙂

Then, I asked myself, where is the $ 93k?


  • At Grocery 1.
  • Unknown husband and wife were looking at me as I checked one pasta brand.
  • I looked at them and continued to compare brands of pasta.
  • We then parted ways.
  • At Grocery 2.
  • I was picking garlic & onions.
  • The same persons from Grocery 1 were looking at me again.
  • The husband asked me: “Are you a chef?”
  • I replied no and asked him why he was asking me that.
  • That’s because of the pasta I was looking at earlier.
  • Not a good basis though of being a chef  🙂
  • But thankful for the compliment.
  • Had a short talk about what we’re doing here in Malawi.
  • Shared that I was working on projects for NGO.
  • The project with a variance so far.

Then, I asked myself, where is the $ 93k?


  • Sunday afternoon.
  • Walked 2 km just to get some chicken eggs.

    The chickens owned by my PIH colleague
  • Way better and fresher compared to grocery.
  • Lucky to see the poultry of chicken as well.
  • It was owned by my PIH colleague who’s working at home that time.
  • PIH? Work?
  • Working on project with variance?

Then, I asked myself, where is the $ 93k?


  • The following week.
  • My NGO Supervisor told me to present my project to the Senior Management Team.
  • Date of presentation will be on 25th September.
  • It’s going to be interesting.
  • Need to complete the project asap.

Then, I asked myself, where is the $ 93k?


Wait for it! I will look for that $ 93k before the deadline! Promise!

I’ll give an update on my next blog post.


  1. Gilbert, Can’t wait to hear the sequel to this story 😀, at my NGO its close out time too for many projects, now I know what all the commotion is in the finance department. I guess they must be putting their heads together to balance their sheets too😂 good to know…

    1. Thanks for reading Elizabeth. Definitely I will create another story regarding the update on this 🙂 Most of the time in finance, we want to ensure everything is reconciled. 🙂

  2. Gilbert, I’ll be on tenterhooks until you find the $93k!! My project is still very much ongoing so I am inspired that there will be An End!

    1. I will look for that $93k Deborah, not only for my project but also to all people following my story now 🙂

      Remember, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s always a rainbow after the rain! Cheers! 🙂

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