Memories from my first month

Hi everyone!


I have completed my first month at Fundación La Casa de los Niños in Costa Rica and I can´t verbalize the incredible experience it has been. These are the most important things I have been working on since my last post:

  1. Visiting the Families at their houses
    Walking around the community has been a beautiful experience. Mrs. Vera invited me to walk with her and to visit her house. The power of a Gemba is great. You can see, can touch, can smell, can understand. Thanks to Mrs Vera!
    Pulse visita casas

  2. Presenting the Fundraising Strategic Plan to the Foundation´s Board of Directors
    Presenting the Strategic Plan to the Board was a fabulous opportunity to validate the proposal with the stakeholders and to get endorsement for a digital strategy upgrade. Catalina Chaves, Director, was crucial in giving me all the information and ideas to build the proposal. Thanks a lot Catalina!
    Pulse Junta Directiva
  3. Visiting the Community school
    The foundation´s teachers do an amazing work with the local school´s teachers ensuring alignment to define the best way to help the students in overcoming their challenges. Here, with teachers from both institutions. Well done Teachers!!
    Pulse colegio1
  4. Let´s talk session with the kids
    Listening is always a powerful tool to better understand what the foundation is doing well and what are the improvement opportunities. In this case, the children, highlighted the way the foundation helps them with food, with support to learn, and with recreation. They love the place, they love what the Foundations does for them. So let´s go for more!
    Pulse conversaciones con niños
  5. Progress on digital strategy
    The non-profits need a solid digital strategy to increase the visibility and possibilities for fundraising. We are working with Graphic Designers (volunteers & external suppliers) and other media experts to redesign the Foundation’s web page and social media. Amazing experience and learning a lot!

    Pulse proveedores digitales 2.jpg

  6. Let´s talk sessions with Teachers & Psychologists
    This was a very powerful session to allow Teachers & Psychologists to share their perceptions about the employee experience at the Foundation. We used a Keep-Stop-Start tool to capture the points. The information is now being transformed into an action plan to capitalize the findings and properly manage them. Thanks to the team for being so open!
    Pulse focus group
  7. Visiting the project at Barrio Nuevo
    It was hard to arrive to this sector in the city. The extreme poverty this community has touched my heart and made me think what else can we do for them. By now, there is a canteen that offers launches for the kids. Step by step. We are going for more to help.
    Pulse barrionuevo
  8. Celebrating the mother´s day with the Foundation´s moms.
    It was a beautiful day to celebrate to these courageous mothers, who are doing their best to raise happy and responsible children, with the help of Casa de los Niños. Congratulations and go ahead, you can do it!
    Pulse día madres
  9. Special moments
    One morning, when I arrived to the Foundation, I was surprised to see one child playing soccer alone. After greeting, I asked him why he was playing alone. He answered: “I want to be a very good soccer player so I need to practice every moment I can, even if I am alone”. Wow! What a brave kid! You are going to achieve big dreams Norman! Go for them!
    Pulse niño jugando fútbol

    Thank you for reading my blog, and thanks GSK for this amazing emplooyee experience, it is pure transformation!







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