Twists in My Story

“And I’m longing, for words to describe how I’m feeling, I’m feeling inspired, my world just flips, turned upside down…” – A Twist in My Story by Secondhand Serenade


It’s been more than a month since I published my last story here in my blog. I was focused and really into my projects here in APZU/PIH Malawi. I wanted to deliver all these as early as end of September. But of course, even though I completed the projects on an earlier timeline, I could not go back to my home country (insert laughter hahaha), I still need to spend the remaining months here in my NGO to do more and leverage my skills to help them. The more projects that will help them, the better impact I could make on my assignment.

Not all my stories below would talk about my projects. Remember, it’s more than a month when I published my 12th story, so it would be better to share as well interesting stories outside the project.

Can’t imagine I came up with all these stories amazing on my blog while on PULSE assignment! I stopped writing for more than a month to focus on my projects.

But not all my stories here were considered as a straight line, wherein there’s a good introduction, better body content and best ending. Fairy tales usually ended in happily ever after but what made them interesting was the fact that there were some TWISTS along the way.

My stories below were not fairy tales in nature but rather these were normal stories with some TWISTS.



I started my major project here in PIH Malawi on the first week of July and after 2 months, it’s been 80% complete. A month ago, I met a new PIH colleague from Boston Head Office. He was working on a project here and would be staying for another month. He was helping me as well on getting medical data for my project.

In one of the meeting I attended with medical and finance team, a member of the former told me not to do the costing for a certain program since the person I was talking about on the previous paragraph was doing it already. But they were willing to share the approach & methodology on how they were doing it. And I was thankful about that.

It was the last week of August when I met that guy to discuss on his approach on the project. I saw the template, the data, the process and the possible over-all outcome of his project. After the meeting, I compared it to my project and found out some similarities. If they were already doing such kind of project and I was also amid my project, do I need to stop my project since my NGO has the capacity & resource to do it?

I immediately talked to my NGO supervisor and sorted out the matter.

SECURITY and BACK UP SYSTEM. I always ensure my project file has a back up or saved on a secure drive whenever I made major updates on it.



Even though both projects had similar approach, our objectives were different from each other. His objective was for the research project and mine was for the executive leadership team and finance team to show the cost effectiveness and value for money of all PIH programs here in Malawi.

During the discussion with my NGO supervisor, it was noted that we were going to ignore that project and focused on what had been assigned and expected to me. And for the record, he was happy on the progress of my project when I showed it to him.

My NGO supervisor was also away for 3 weeks due to personal/family reason; hence I was working independently during those days. On the progress I made, I wanted to show him that I could work and deliver result with less supervision.



Straight to the point, I got sick here in Malawi. I did not know the reason why, but I had a high fever, diarrhea and headache for one day. I was afraid I had malaria since it’s very rampant in this country. I’d been taking anti-malaria tablet every other day, putting up mosquito repellant lotion, having mosquito net on my bed and using anti-mosquito air repellant as well on my room.

I had to call my Finance Director and informed her that I was not feeling well and could not go to the office. I told her that there was no need for me to go to the hospital since I took my medicine and I knew my body as well. I monitored myself on that day and if I still got fever on that afternoon, I would go to the hospital immediately.

But good thing, that kind of feeling was only for a day and I found myself very well and working on the next day.



I told my Finance Director not to worry and there’s no need for me to go to the hospital. But in the morning, 2 PIH staffs were at the guesthouse and ready toIMG_3083 bring me to the hospital. Even the PIH vehicle was also waiting outside. Thankful for them for their concern me but I insisted not to go to the hospital. I knew my body and I only needed to monitor it before taking the next action. There’s no instances in my life I’d been admitted to the hospital. PIH staffs were really worried on my situation and they showed again why Malawi was considered as “The Warm Heart of Africa”.


The anti-malaria tablet I was taking was a GSK product – Malarone. For the fever, I did not bring another GSK product – Panadol. This product was good, and I read a lot of feedbacks about this but it’s not effective to me and for my body. This was just a personal view and honest feedback based on my experience and not to put negativity on the product itself. Still a loyal GSK employee here 🙂



August 30 was the 100th day and the end of the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge. It’s my second time around joining this event. Last edition, my team, Ready to Run, ranked 2nd quhw2880.jpegoverall on the entire BSC KL organization – and me putting up 75,292 steps as personal best, an average of 29,590 steps per day and a total of 2,958,951 steps in 100 days.

This time around, I had a new team – Millennial Maniacs. Currently, we finished 1st overall on the entire BSC KL organization with 8,348 km as our final record. When we were putting up this team, we wanted to have an All-Filipino member  plus a minimum 15,000 steps daily as a requirement. We’re not here to only to participate but of course to win.

Shout out to the whole Team Millennial Maniacs of BSC KL! We made it on top!



The 1st oveIMG_E3092rall ranked team last edition was composed of my Filipino friends and on the other hand I was the only Filipino on my team.

This edition, 3 members from the previous Rank 1 team, 2 from lower rank teams before, 1 first time to join global challenge and I, myself from the previous Rank 2 team combined to take up this 100-day challenge again. In summary, we were only 6 Filipinos on the team. The other was a Malaysian girl who put a lot of effort to make it until day 100.

And here’s my final statistics for this global challenge : 47,513 steps as personal best, 25,085 steps as average daily and 2,508,488 steps in total after 100 days, lower compared to my previous one.

Cheers Team Millennial Maniacs and don’t forget to keep my prize for me. I’ll get that on December!


  1. You are amazing to be so far ahead on your deliverables-NICE JOB!
    Love that you’ve done an amazing job with the blogs to share your PULSE journey-you inspire us!
    Next global challenge will you chair a PULSE10 team? 🙂

    1. Thank you Helen. I really wanted to complete this major project as soon as possible since it will make a difference here in PIH Malawi.

      It will be a good idea to have PULSE10 Team on the next global challenge. I hope they will allow it to have a team from different countries.

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