My first month at Cruz Roja Americana. What I can learn and what GSK can learn


After a month here, I have already an idea of the people I would like to learn from. I started  to reflect on what GSK could learn too.

My Red Cross supervisor, who is an amazing manager, is the first person I could learn from here: he cares for his team of volunteers a lot, for him  it is  important that the people feel at their ease, and that everyone can grow in his/her role. From him, Jesus Castro, I can learn for sure how to take care of a team, the leadership, direct communication, public speaking, patience, and capacity to manage the unforeseen.

From another colleague, Miguel Hernandez, I would really like to learn the great networking capability, and ability to face everything with a smile. Another inspiration for sure is Fernandini, an amazing found-raiser, and he never leaves the office without greeting each single colleague by going directly to their desks.This simple gesture makes a stronger bond between him and all his colleagues. Most of time when we are done with our  tasks we forget to thank and greet people…we just leave, his different approach allowed me to evaluate more this aspect, as most of our time during the weekdays is spent with our colleagues.

What GSK could learn from Cruz Roja…being the majority of people volunteers the rewarding and recognition culture is stronger here, or it is better to say more focused on public acknowledgement of successful projects and work done well. At GSK this culture does not lack, but it is more centered on formal recognition and benefits.

An idea could be to have a sort of more informal daily recognition and an annual or biannual event that acknowledge the work of all categories of employees including those not in a management position. This is what they do here on annual basis, and one of the project I am working on: a big event which has the precise objective to recognise the work of volunteers. I will see how this is implemented here even more in the coming months and I will think on how this can be adapted to GSK.  I will soon post another update about a meeting i had last week with the colleagues of GSK Puerto Rico. Thanks For reading.





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