More experiences in Casa de los Niños, Costa Rica!

Hi everybody!

This was another beautiful week at the NGO “Fundación La Casa de los Niños” (FCN) in Costa Rica, Central America.

What I have been doing? Take a look:

  1. Preparing the visit of Costa Rica´s First Lady.
    On Monday August 20th, Mrs. Claudia Dobles Camargo, visited us to know the facilities and the program of the non-profit. To ensure the best for the visit, I helped preparing some banners to capture the Foundation´s essence. The First Lady expressed admiration with the NGO´s work and offered help to ensure sustainability and growth. Well done Casa de los Niños!
    Pulse primera dama
  2. After Action Review of Annual Dinner
    I met with a part of the Board to evaluate the Annual Fundraising Dinner. To facilitate the session, we used an AAR (After Action Review) tool that helped a lot to do a deep evaluation. Once finished, we used the AAR´s improvement actions to generate the mind map for 2019´s dinner! So, here we go 2019!
    Pulse AAR_Page_1
  3. Learning from others
    I met with the organizer of the Annual Golf Tournament, Laura Solís. She shared a lot of insights and advices about the methods she uses to find sponsors, donators, volunteers, etc. For me it was a benchmarking opportunity to know how to find resources. Great learning session!
    Pulse torneo golf
  4. Global Month of Volunteering – From Compassion to Action
    As part of this GSK initiative, I contacted the team at GSK to organize this volunteering here at la Casa de los Niños. HR colleagues are more than happy to do the activity here, so the plan is in progress!
    Pulse Global Month of Volunteering
  5. Learning with mothers
    This week I attended the Parent´s School and the topics were very pragmatic: How to deal with discrimination and how to capitalize suffering in our lives to change our children´s lives. I was very touched while hearing the painful stories… but I was impressed as well about how pain can be turned into transformation…
    Pulse escuela 2
  6. Listening to the Teachers
    Listening has been of paramount importance during these days. This week I had the opportunity to listen several teachers who shared with me very important details about the community, its sociology, the students, and their challenges. Thanks to the teachers for helping me to find a better understanding of their amazing job!
    Pulse profesores
  7. Progressing with my Strategic Plan
    This week I have completed the SWOT analysis and the actions to capitalize strengths, to change the weaknesses, to take advantage of the opportunities, and to face threatens. Other important chapter I am working on is the digital strategy, so I benchmarked Save the Children´s web page and Facebook to capture the good practices that could be replicated in Casa de los Niños. And, good news! A volunteer that is serving here is also a graphic designer so he will help me in improving the digital media!
    Pulse estrategia digital.PNG
  8. Special moments
    Being volunteer in the Foundation has giving me a unique opportunity to meet wonderful people. People in need. People struggling with their past, their present and their future. But people, understanding they are not alone, and that there is an oasis in the desert. That´s what a non-profit does. That´s what Casa de los Niños is.
    Pulse momentos

    Thanks a lot for reading my blog! Wait for more news and experiences in next posts!


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  1. Great to read about so many of the things you’ve been working on- how neat that Costa Rica’s first lady visited! It was nice to have you on the Global Month of Volunteering call last week, and exciting to hear about the Orange day you are organizing! = )

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