August 24

Priceless lesson

This is my second blog and my placement here in the past 7 weeks ago make many new experiences for me. I just completed finalization the objective to be delivered this 6 months. Plenty of learning, opportunities and challenges will need to be managed with the new team in the team here

My office is based at Selangor Cheshire Home where all the residents based together in same home. This round blog I would like to share more regarding the home here instead on my assignment because the insight I learned from there had changed on how I perceived towards disabled community.

The majority of the residents have very severe disabilities. They depend on the help of others to move about, take in food and drink. Some are not able to communicate well with others through words. The home’s staff – most of them have been working at Selangor Cheshire Home more than decade. They have the power of love and patience and excellent at translating the resident’s moods, gestures, sometimes as much as an eye movement into information they want to share. Initially I doubt but now they earn not only respect but also kind of trust which hard to explain in word here. At first, I had real problems following their conversations but watching attentively every day, I was happy to notice petty things and make little improvements in my understanding of the residents’ characters, likes and dislikes and daily routines. 6 weeks later, I had developed close friendships with many of the residents. Initial I offered my help to them for some task but it was declined. Sooner I understand the rational of it because they are independent as well. Together we make photo frame, baking pastry, external outing activities and I’m their “ambassador” if they need to purchase anything outside. New temporary resident for 6m is the learning disabled youth where they have enrolled into the Economic Empowerment (EEP) class 2 weeks ago. I’m proud enough where one of my task assignment I need to work and complete together with them together. Not sure how it will end but sure interesting. I foreseen we still have long journey that will hold my new team here stronger . The lesson these few weeks is… “They are not helpless but they are special. Always respect them with dignity and equality…please do not feel offended if your offer is turned down”

Left: small gathering prior of our external outing day; Right: My first baking class with the resident here -guess which is mine?