Kariobangi Cheshire House

This is one of the very rare occasion where i get to visit some of these homes, as they are managed through the partners of Leonard Cheshire Disabilty, while i am based in the Regional Office


This home was established to meet the needs of the elderly poor of the area. By the late 70’s they had begun to live in temporary shelters and unsanitary conditions in the Korogocho, Huruma, Grogon, Ngei and Ghetto surroundings. The first six rooms were built in 1980 with the help of Helpage U. K. In 1986, another sixteen rooms were added with the assistance of Caritas, Austria. A staff house was also added. Research carried out elderly slum-dwellers in September 1986, revealed the need for a day care Centre.

The Irish Government sponsored the building of the Centre which was furnished with the help of Helpage Kenya and American Women’s Association.

A Number of other donors have assisted with the building of additional rooms, a sick-bay Dispensary etc. In 1994 a new Dining room – cum T.V. room was added and a chapel.


Kariobangi Cheshire Home,( Nyumba ya Wazee), is a Home and a permanent residence for 40 very elderly men and women and has a day care program for about 200 elderly from the neighboring slum areas. It is being cared for by Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa, from the start.

Today, this home is operated by Sister Ivanna and a team of extraordinary staffs ( Eric and team) Sister Ivanna has dedicated 19 years of her life in managing this facility from getting raw matarials to storage to preparing meals and to scheduling food distribution. Besides continuing the activities mentioned above, this home also feeds 2000 homeless people every week, and provide shelter to those who has absolutely no means to take care of themselves.


Let’s pray for goodwill of humanity to sustain this facility, so that they can gradually cater for wider community in need. Very basic supplies such as oil, salt, soap, sugar, baking powder, rice and medical supplies are constantly needed. For those who wishes to contribute, please get in touch with me



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  1. Thank you for your post, more info on the Kariobangi Cheshire House and photos. Amazing that they feed 2000 people a week- what a great impact, it must have been emotionally moving to visit some of these homes that you will be working with while in the Regional Office.

  2. HI Taylor,
    You are much welcome 🙂 I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity, and hope its not my last. Sister Ivanna and her dedicated team wish they could cater to a larger community in need but due to lack of resources and manpower, more often that have to extremly selective ( with a very heavy heart )

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