My first two weeks in Pulse

I have completed my first two weeks in the NGO “Fundación La Casa de los Niños” (FCN) in Costa Rica (Central America).

It´s incredible how much I have learnt and how many amazing people I have known.

This is a quick summary for you to know what I have been doing by now:

  1. Doing a Gemba (Japanese word for “Go & See”) to the community and facilities:
    For better understanding of the community and the NGO and to get familiarized with the team.

Pulse Tirrases de Curridabat

2. Receiving my two daughters´ visit at the NGO!
Thanks to Catalina Chaves, NGO´s Executive Director who receive my daughters Daniela & Natalia to help them to understand where their Mom will be working for during the next 6 months!.
Good news: Daniela & Natalia won an award in GSK by doing a dummy about healthy nutrition (Scott´s Emulsion campaign) and guest what…they decided to donate the award to the NGO to contribute with this beautiful cause! We have the first $100 during my assignment!!!

Pulse Dani y Nati

 3. Listening to the Moms
Because I wanted to understand the impact of the NGO in her/their lives…amazing stories…

Pulse isabel

4. Doing a gemba to the “Values time”
For better understanding the Values Program. This time, children were learning about the value of GRATITUDE!

Pulse valores

5. Doing a gemba to the Parents´ School
This is a space where parents receive training in key topics (this week the topic was Recycling) and receive life´s coaching mainly to empower them in overcoming situations and make good decisions!

Pulse escuela para padres

6. Attending the “Annual Fundraising Dinner”
It was so emotive to see such amazing videos and testimonies during this event organized by the NGO´s Board of Directors. About 200 invites attended the dinner including Politicians, Businessmen & Businesswomen, Entrepreneurships, Volunteers, Teachers, and of course some NGO´s students almost ready to finish the high school (this year!!).

Pulse cena recaudación

7. Doing a gemba to the knitting classes:
This is a weekly class given by a Volunteer that comes to the NGO to train the students in this art. In principle, the purpuse is to create resilience but who knows if in the future these beautiful adolescents will use this art to start their own business ; )

Pulse tejido

8. Benchmarking with previous fundraising Pulse´s volunteers
This was very useful. I contacted to Patricia Tertuliano from Brazil who worked in 2017-2018 cycle with an NGO in Kenya. It was so useful to talk with her and to see the amazing information she shared with me. I feel more equipped to start my fundraising! Thanks a lot Patricia!
Pulse benchmarking

9. Benchmarking with other fundraising platforms:
Another useful tool for me to expand the fundraising options!

10. Pulse plataformas

10. Preparing my project charter
Great tool to “land” the project into reality…of course, validation with stakeholders is crucial!

Pulse project charter

11. Engaging with Banks and learning about Digital world
A Regional Bank named BAC/Credomatic will allow us to use its web page to promote the NGO to get donations. So, meeting with the RSE responsible and with the Digital Strategy Lead was key to understand how to do it!

Pulse bac

12. And finally by these two amazing weeks…starting my Fundraising Strategic Plan
It´s time to compile everything that I have listened, saw, understood, reviewed and thought in a Plan…so here we go…

Pulse plan estratégico

Thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciatte your time and comments so please feel free to share with me ideas, insights, opinions, etc! I really need your support! Count on you!



  1. So great to get to do a virtual gemba with you and ‘see’ all of the places you were able to go within the past two weeks- great photos! I am so impressed with all of the things you were able to do in such a short time- thank you for sharing and good luck on your Fundraising Strategic Plan! = )

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