Stepping into the Unknown, a mission to CHANGE!

On the morning of 9th July, I left my hotel room on King’s Cross and made my way to Save the Children office on St. John lane. As I made my way through the main door, I had the feeling that I was in a familiar environment, almost like GSK’s. This relaxed me and I felt a bit at home. As I sat at the reception waiting for my host and PULSE supervisor, I watched staff come in and go and silently said to myself, ‘Hey! this is the opportunity for you to be changed, change the community and change GSK, so make the best of it’.

Emma Pic 5

My supervisor finally came in and we exchanged pleasantries. Thereafter we went inside and after a brief tour of the office, we grabbed coffee and went for a chat.

This was a different kind of chat as with papers and pen, an intensive 4 hours of lecture on Communication and Planning commenced. I have always prided myself as someone with a huge appetite to learn new things and I was not disappointed. Luckily I have been well drilled at GSK and had the stamina to cope with such intensity.

With each passing hour I could feel my knowledge bank increasing. I felt I was being equipped with new information that will enable me succeed in my assignment. All these in just one day!

The 2nd, 3rd and subsequent days followed the same routine, and with each passing day I stepped further into unknown territory to acquire more knowledge and deepen my understanding of Health Program Design.

After 3 weeks of lectures, assignments and powerpoint presentations, I was ready to go back to Nigeria to participate in the Program design during the Inception Phase.

I am glad I signed up for such a wonderful program as PULSE and I am even more determined to be the change agent – Change myself, Change the Community and Change GSK!

Come with me in my next blog and follow my journey in my assignment of saving children.




  1. Emmanuel, I hear you. I had about the same experience at Jhpiego, Baltimore and now that I’m in Nigeria I have the capabilities to be the change agent. Thank you for sharing. Wait to hear more.

  2. Nice blog man! All the best in your mission to change. Can’t wait to know more about your journey

  3. That sounds intense and I am so happy to hear that you felt up for it! All the best & keep us posted on what else you learn in the coming months!! Post some pics too 🙂

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