Puerto Rico and Cruz Roja, rich in exceptional people

When you are about to leave for your PULSE project, despite you know the activities  you will carry out, you never really know what to expect until you are there. Yes when you are there…for me there is here in Puerto Rico. Seeing and meeting the people you have been in touch with before coming, knowing them, trying to adapt to the needs of the hosting organisation, in this case the Cruz Roja Americana.

After a couple of weeks here I settled down, I received trainings and full support from my colleagues and I start entering in my tasks. I would really like to speak about the big heart people have here, I feel extremely grateful for having the possibility to be exposed to them, this is something you never take for granted.

I am already full of friends, and I love them all. They are extremely open minded, welcoming, caring. It is easy to speak with them and to understand each other (well my Spanish can still improve a lot… ;D), they are doing all the possible and more to let me feel at home, and that is exactly how I feel. Thanks!

In these first two weeks I received an immeasurable help from my supervisor Jesus,  and my colleagues Fernandini and Melissa! But there are so many other people that helped me so much by just being kind to me: Miguel, Axel, José, Yesenia… and so many more.

I have a lot to learn from them, I like their attitude, nature and they way they are great problem solvers.  Despite the Hurricane last year and all the difficulties they had to face, I can see how Puerto Rico  woke up and reacted well…that happened thanks to people like my colleagues and like any Puerto Rican I have met here.





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